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Whether you're a veteran customer of ours or you've just jumped on-board, this is something you might be interested in as it will be your strongest tool when it comes to smart spending for your beloved Italian ride.

The base concept stays the same: earn points by shopping, spend them by redeeming rewards. However, this time around we will focus on rewarding loyalty more than ever. We have received continuous support by many of you over the years and we feel like it's our duty to offer a definitive platform for you to make sure your support gets the recognition it deserves.
With this new system, everyone will be able to earn points and have access to ways of spending them but customers who manage to grow their balance enough over time will gain access to higher tiers, unlocking  faster earning rates and more  powerful & efficient ways of  spending points, as well as other  special perks, such as  exclusive access to certain areas of the website and more.



Please refer to the table below for all different types of earning and spending rates available to the 3 different tiers:



Once you have logged into your account on our website you will be able to access both your balance and all the above perks, given you have enough points for them. To do so, simply expand the red button at the bottom left corner of the page you're browsing which says "DC DESIGN REWARD POINTS".
Each of the coupons have conditions and can vary in the amount of discount given depending on the amount of points you're looking to consume. Once you've decided which reward you would like to redeem simply click on it, adjust the total amount of GBP (or other currency values) you wish to redeem by sliding the bar and confirm. This will generate a coupon code which will reflect the reward you've chosen.
Please keep in mind that coupon codes and similar discounts or rewards do not work during sales or certain promotions. 
Please do also note that Reward points are reset to Zero on 30th April each year starting from 2020 therefore any points unused will expire and no longer will be available.
At this point all you have to do is start playing around with our new system, jump on our website and see what your current tier is and which rewards you'd be able to claim!


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