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May 23, 2017

Ducati / MV Agusta Frame Sliders Options

Serious motorcycle enthusiasts plan for all situations. While no one wants to drop their motorcycle, an accident can happen. When it does, it’s best to be prepared. One way to protect yourself and your investment in case of a fall or drop is to install sliders, which protect you as the rider and limits damage to your motorcycle if you do slide across the ground. At Design Corse, we carry a range of sliders that offer protection for different parts of your motorcycle, including:

  • Frame sliders: Frame sliders attach to the sides of your motorcycle to protect your frame and the body of your bike
  • Engine sliders: These are designed to protect your engine
  • Tank sliders: Tank sliders will help keep your gas tank from being damaged
  • Underbody sliders: Underbody sliders minimize impact damage if you bottom out

Thanks to our collection of R&G Sliders, you can get the full protection sliders offer with an attractive look for your MV Agusta or Ducati.

Benefits of Sliders for Your Motorcycle?

When you have an accident with your motorcycle, your first concern is your own safety. That’s why you wear protective gear when you ride. Once you’re sure you’re OK, your next thought is for your motorcycle. It's a serious investment and a real passion. Protecting it during a fall or slide is important to you.

Hopefully you’ve never had an accident. If you have, you know just how quickly your bike can be damaged. The addition of sliders can also help protect you and your bike in the event of a crash. There are several benefits related to sliders that will help you understand why so many professional riders install these small but important upgrades.

Ducati Fuel Tank Sliders Panigale 1199 / 1299

Frame Sliders

It all happens in the blink of an eye, be it a crash with another object or losing traction and sliding out along the ground. While your personal protective gear — suit, gloves, boots, helmet, etc. — help you if you come off the bike, in some falls you're sandwiched between your motorcycle and the ground.

While sliders are designed to protect your frame, tank and faring from major damage, they also have the added benefit of giving a little extra space for your legs. Frame sliders won't guarantee there's no damage to your motorcycle or injury to you, but in most cases, the extra bit of protection frame sliders offer means less damage and less injury than a stock bike without sliders.

Engine Sliders

Some riders who don’t want to make too many additions to their motorcycles only add frame sliders for accident protection. If you’re looking to add an additional level of protection for your engine, our engine sliders are easy to install, look great and offer additional protection to your engine that frame sliders can’t give. They’re useful not only in a crash, but also if your motorcycle gets knocked over, during transport or in a parking lot, for example.

A direct fall to either side onto a hard object or the ground directly can cause costly damage to your engine or heads, depending on how far they stick out. Even with engine sliders, your bike might get a few scratches from a fall, but chances are you can pick it up and ride off.

Front Axle Sliders Protection Road / Track

Motorcycle Slider Installation Tips

The engineers at MV Agusta and Ducati know that riding enthusiasts often make upgrades and modifications to their motorcycles. Leading aftermarket suppliers like R&G have taken advantage of the advanced designs and created a lineup of frame, engine, and other sliders that are easy to install on your motorcycle.

Here are a few tips for installation:

  • Always choose custom-fit sliders for your model
  • Follow the guidelines for torquing the mounting bolts
  • Cover your fairing and other parts with a sheet to avoid scratches

R&G sliders from Design Corse are easy to install when you choose the sliders that are suited to your specific model of MV Agusta or Ducati.

All sliders use strong bolts that absorb impact and bend instead of snapping off, as well as shock-absorbing materials that wear as they slide across the ground to avoid bouncing. They bolt to the most solid areas of your frame and engine for maximum protection during your crash or slide.

Panigale CNC Racing 959 / 1299 Protection Sliders

Best Motorcycle Frame Sliders Available

If you’ve decided you want to add extra protection to your Ducati or MV Agusta in case of an accident or fall, we invite you to browse our online catalog. You can select your make and model of motorcycle and find the R&G sliders that are designed specifically for your motorcycle. They require minimal modification — if you have a fairing and bodywork — and in some cases no modification at all — for most naked models.

Check out our inventory of R&G frame, engine, underbody and tank sliders, including Aero Crash Sliders for your MV Agusta or Ducati motorcycle!

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