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Dear rider, we're ready to assemble our next Showroom bike!

We really cannot wait to bring you into our journey of a full Aprilia RSV4 build which will take the spot of our previous project (the Ducati 1198 SP) as our A-Class showroom bike.

You can view our first Three episodes right HERE!

Episode One:

Episode Two: 

Episode Three:

Video Installation Guides, How To's and project updates

We will completely transform this RSV4 from stock by dressing it up from the ground up and while we're at it we will be documenting all of the processes involved in doing this with video footage, showing the steps needed for each and every part we're going to install as well as how to remove the stock parts in the first place.

All the video footage will be released through our Youtube platform which you can find at our YouTube Channel:  CLICK HERE

You will be able to follow development of this project closely and get insightful tips and suggestions around how to work on your bike, many of these tips will be model specific but will absolutely be of great value for any rider out there, regardless if you ride an Aprilia, Ducati or MV Agusta.

What changes and upgrades can be expected during this bike build Project?

Well, to put it simply... everything but the engine!

When we say transform, we mean it for real, here's a sneak peek of what the bike looks like as of today in our garage, ready to absorb top level components from all of our manufacturers:

And here's a list of literally every part we have planned to change or modify, we will include hyperlinks to this list as we will be releasing Youtube content for them, this means install guide along with product reviews.


Full carbon fairings replacement
Full carbon plastics replacement
Custom paint job / livery
Top Yoke / Key bracket

Brake / Clutch Levers
Front and Rear Master Cylinders
Brake Fluid Reservoirs
Front and Rear Break Lines

Brake Disks and ABS Removal
Plug n Play Dash
Race Switches
Steering Head Nut
Mirror Removal with Block-Offs
Front & Rear Wheel Nuts
Tinted Front Lights
Samco Hoses and Clamps
Radiator Guard
Frame Sliders
Clutch Engine Case possible anodization
Frame plugs and engine nuts
Front Sprocket Cover
Alternator Cover
Rear Shock Support Brackets
Full Exhaust System
Chain Guard
Chain Adjusters
Spindle Sliders
Axle Sliders
Sprocket Setup + Nuts
Seat Cover
Custom designed Items by Design Corse Innovations...

If you're a VIP customer you will have first access to all Youtube and video content and announcements! 

We hope you're as excited as we are about this project and we would like to take this occasion to let you know that we will absolutely be welcoming any feedback and / or suggestions relating to this bike build, also if you would like to request any specific install for parts that you've purchased from us for your bike we would absolutely be happy to create video content to show you the installation / troubleshooting processes provided we have a compatible / available bike to do so.

As always thank you so much for all your support and stay tuned / subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information around this awesome build! 

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