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Ducati Panigale Carbon Fiber 1199 1299 959 Motocorse

There are many different reasons for choosing aftermarket parts for your motorcycle. Some parts offer weight savings while others increase strength or resistance to wear, vibration and impact. Still others protect against excess heat. When you’re choosing your custom motorcycle parts, you usually need to choose which of these features is most important to you. But when you choose carbon fiber parts for your Ducati or MV Agusta from Design Corse, you don’t need to settle. You can get it all.

Thanks to the incredible properties of carbon fiber, you can save weight, add strength, improve corrosion resistance and protect against heat all in one go. We carry a wide range of parts designed specifically for your MV Agusta or Ducati motorcycle that look as good as they perform.

To help you understand the advantages of carbon fiber parts for your bike, we’ve put together this explanation on the qualities of carbon fiber.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

One would need a microscope to get down to the heart of carbon fiber. This synthetic material uses the natural strength of carbon but adds significant increases in tensile strength thanks to an innovative structure. The name “carbon fiber” is applied to materials that are woven from tiny carbon filaments. These filaments are bonded carbon atoms that are aligned along a parallel axis.

This creates a long fiber that has an extremely high strength-to-volume ratio, meaning it’s exceptionally strong for its size. Bundling thousands of these microscopic fibers together creates the incredibly strong material we know as carbon fiber.

In this state, carbon fiber offers impressive tensile strength in a flexible fabric that’s easy to form into complex shapes. With the aid of resins that harden in a mold and can be trimmed, cut and polished, motorcycle parts manufacturers turn these fabrics into a wide range of parts for use on your Ducati or MV Agusta. The result is a part that combines properties that simply can’t be beat.

Autoclave Carbon Fiber

The Important Properties of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Parts

The list of qualities of carbon fiber parts is long, but the qualities that interest us the most here at Design Corse are the ones that all high-performance motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for. These qualities give a real advantage over OEM parts in terms of:

  • Wear: The tensile strength and abrasive resistance of carbon fiber makes it a great material for resisting wear. This includes regular wear during day-to-day use, such as when you mount and dismount your motorcycle and rub against certain parts or encounter obstacles when parking or storing your motorcycle.
    You also get improved wear resistance in case of an accident or fall, where road rash can tear apart a plastic OEM part as it slides across the ground or rubs against another bike. While we all hope to avoid a fall, knowing your motorcycle parts can withstand wear is a definite plus.
  • Vibration: One of the major hurdles motorcycle and aftermarket part designers have to combat is vibration resistance. Motorcycles create intense vibrations due to their high-revving engines and tight suspension. The result is vibrations at rest and as you race over the road or track.
    Carbon fiber has a tendency to absorb and dissipate stress from vibrations better than most materials, thanks to the millions of fibers present in each part. While the finished parts are hard to the touch, the internal structure has micro-flexibility that absorbs and dissipates vibrations instead of cracking the part.
  • Impact: Impact strength is another impressive quality that carbon fiber offers over other materials like plastics and metals. In an impact — such as a crash or fall — OEM plastics can crack or break, while steel and aluminum parts can dent, making it hard to repair them. With other materials, "hard" means "brittle."
    But that's not the case with carbon fiber. Despite its high hardness, the internal fiber makeup of our carbon fiber motorcycle parts means it won’t easily dent upon impact. This is why carbon fiber parts are suitable for racing sportbikes that are susceptible to impacts.

Carbon fiber motorcycle parts are gaining in popularity thanks to this unbeatable mix of properties. Add in high corrosion resistance due to the chemical stability of the fiber and resin matrix and heat shielding properties, thanks to a low thermal conductivity coefficient, and it's easy to see why racers and street riders alike are swapping out their OEM parts for carbon fiber parts on their MV Agusta and Ducati.

Carbon Fiber Hand Finishing

Carbon Fiber Parts Available at Design Corse

Now that you see the advantages of carbon fiber motorcycle parts, it’s time to check out our catalog here at Design Corse.

You can choose parts from a range of categories that cover:

With so many carbon fiber motorcycle parts for your Ducati or MV Agusta, the only way to discover exactly what's available for your model is to start browsing.

The popularity of carbon fiber for sports continues to grow thanks to the unparalleled mix of strength-to-weight, corrosion resistance, tensile strength and low thermal conductivity properties that allow parts made from this impressive material to better resist wear, vibration and impact.

Check out our full inventory of aftermarket parts here!

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