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Custom Aftermarket Motorcycle LED Lights

You care about how well your motorcycle performs, so why not make it look as good as it runs? Upgrades such as custom motorcycle lights give you a way to make a statement with your bike. Whether you choose new handlebars, an exhaust system or new lights, your motorcycle's style through aftermarket additions make it uniquely your own.

One way to improve your bike is with motorcycle aftermarket lights. New taillights and turn signals adapt your motorcycle to your unique style. While these lights look great, they also help you stay safe, wherever you ride. Choosing new LED lights for your bike increases your visibility to others on the road when you use your lights for signaling. Whenever you're easier to see while on your bike, you will have a safer ride.

Regardless of the type of lights you already have on your bike, upgrading lets you transform your motorcycle into a personalized machine for the road or track.

Why upgrade to LED motorcycle lights

Why Upgrade to LED Motorcycle Lights

LED lights provide superior performance to older halogen lights. Many bikes today have LED lights standard, but whether yours does or not, upgrading to aftermarket LED lights lets you choose the types of turn signals and taillights you want.

Most older bikes and some modern models used halogen bulbs for all the lights. Halogen lights served their purpose at the time, but with the introduction of LED bulbs, motorcycle manufacturers, and riders who wanted to customize their bikes recognized the need for an upgrade.

LED lights have small forms, which means they don't require as much electricity to operate as halogen lights. These tinier, lower-powered lights last much longer than any other bulbs currently available. Additionally, these lights have less susceptibility to vibrations than large halogen lights.

If you want to upgrade to aftermarket LED lights and currently have halogen installed, you cannot replace just the bulbs. You will need an upgrade kit to change out the base of the lighting fixture in addition to the bulbs. Luckily, we offer several plug-and-play upgrade kits for taillights and turn signals for your MV Agusta, Ducati or Aprilia bike.

Best Aftermarket Motorcycle Turn Signals

The indicator lights give you a means of communicating your lane changes and turns to other drivers. You want others on the road to readily see these signals. LED lights used in custom signals will last longer. Instead of using a single bulb, these lights feature an array of lights to create the required brightness.

Indicator lights

One way that LED motorcycle turn signals surpass halogen lights is the ability to have different colors from the lights instead of using colored plastic covers. For example, the taillights with integrated turn signals for the Ducati Scrambler 800cc features a transparent cover over red and amber LED lights. The lights do not depend on a colored cover to display the needed color as halogen lights do.

When you shop for custom motorcycle turn signals, you will have options for the front and rear of your bike. With multiple style options for both locations, you have endless ways of changing your motorcycle's look.

Motorcycle rear turn signals

Motorcycle Rear Turn Signals

The rear turn signals have designs either integrated into the taillights or not. Though you may not think about these indicators on the back of your bike, they serve as a valuable method of showing your driving intent to those following you on the road. For safe and legal driving, you must have working indicator signals. Make sure those required signals look great on your bike by upgrading to LED lights.

1. Integrated Rear Turn Signals

Integrated rear turn signals are part of the taillight. These all-in-one designs give your bike a sleek appearance without removing indicator lights on the back. We have options for integrated rear turn indicators for the most well-known Italian motorcycles — Aprilia, Ducati and MV Agusta.

2. Non-Integrated Rear Turn Signals

Non-integrated rear turn signals are not part of the taillights. These separately installed indicator lights give your bike a classic look from a time when the taillights and turn signals were not one piece. Some models do not have integrated turn signals with the taillights.

Regardless of your brand of bike, you can add Aero-style LED micro-indicators to the rear of your motorcycle. These bobbin-shaped lights come in black and silver and resemble racing indicators. Install these on the front or back of your bike for added flexibility. If you choose a universal design, opting for neutral colors helps the lights blend into your bike's overall style, contributing to the look of your motorcycle instead of detracting from it.

Italian Motorcycle Aftermarket LED Rear Turn Signals

Aftermarket LED rear turn signals

Upgrading your bike's turn signals starts with the style already on your motorcycle and deciding how you want to upgrade it. We offer multiple integrated turn signals for Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta, as this rear turn signal style is highly popular for the sleek appearance it gives bikes.

1. Rear Turn Signals for Aprilia Motorcycles

For Aprilia, we have a plug-and-play kit for Tuono and RSV4 bikes. This kit features integrated rear turn signals with a taillight. The lights flash in a sequence, clearly showing the direction you intend to go. For even more customizability, use the programming button on the back to turn sequential flashing off quickly and easily with the flip of a switch.

2. Rear Indicator Lights for Ducati Bikes

Our integrated rear turn signals for Ducati models include those from the Whitelights brand. We have an LED motorcycle taillight with integrated turn signals for the Ducati Panigale models 899, 959, 1199 and 1299. This tinted light includes a complete kit to replace the turn signals and taillight with one unit.

3. MV Agusta Rear Integrated Turn Signals

If you have an MV Agusta, we also have integrated turn signals for your bike. For F4 models 750 and 1000 and Brutale 910 and 1078, our Whitelights brand rear light with indicator signals appeals to minimalistic styles with a simple, unobtrusive light unit. Choose from smoked, clear and red coverings.

Motorcycle front tun signals

Motorcycle Front Turn Signals

Front turn signals have three position options — on the handlebars, the mirrors or in the standard location. These three types of indicator lights all alert people driving ahead of and to the side of you where you will move. LED lights for these front indicator signals make you easier to see on the road. Bright signals enhance your bike's safety while customized designs improve how your motorcycle looks from the front.

1. Handlebar Front Turn Signals

Adding turn signals to the ends of the handlebars increases the ability of drivers next to you to see if you will merge or turn in front of them. If your Italian motorcycle features handlebar-mounted indicator lights, you can find upgrades to more resistant, longer-lasting LED lights.

2. Mirror Front Turn Signals

Some motorcycles integrate the front turn signals into the mirrors. In many cases, these are motorcycle flush mount turn signals that don't stick out from the bike's design. Aftermarket mirror turn signal makers create LED lights that perfectly fit into the existing spot on your mirrors. You likely can keep your OEM mirrors when you upgrade to LED indicator signals.

Other types of mirror indicators serve to light the area under a mirror block-off. In certain situations, you will want to remove the mirrors from the front of your bike. The holes remaining need sealing with block-off panels. Some of these parts will include LED turn signals under the panel to increase your visibility.

3. Standard Front Turn Signals

Standard front turn signals, also called lollipop signals, often have a position on the front fork of the bike. Replace these stock lights with LED lights that improve your motorcycle's appearance and visibility. With many designs featuring simple plug-in installation, you don't need to be an electrician to upgrade your indicator lights.

Front turn signals for Italian bikes

Front Turn Signals for Italian Bikes

We offer all the above styles of front turn signals for your preferred Italian bike. You will find signals for Ducati, MV Agusta and Aprilia motorcycles in many styles and designs. You can replace the dimmer stock lights with LED ones on the front with these options.

1. MV Agusta Front Turn Signal Options

If you would prefer front-mounted turn signals for your MV Agusta, we have a model for your 2016 Brutale 800/RR from New Rage Cycles. Incorporated into the fork on the front of your bike, these lights install quickly with a plug-and-play fit.

For the MV Agusta Brutale 675 and 800 and the Dragster 800, you can get flush mount turn signals to replace the OEM ones on the front of your motorcycle. With LED indicators on the front, you have the advantage of better visibility to others while keeping the sleek original lines of your Brutale or Dragster.

2. Ducati Front Indicator Lights

You can get customized replacements for your stock lollipop lights. Our signals for your Ducati Scrambler install quickly without the need for rewiring, thanks to a plug-in design. With adjustable brackets, you get to place these lights at the angle and height you prefer.

If you have a Ducati Hypermotard with front signals integrated into the mirrors, you don’t need to replace the mirrors to get LED front indicator signals. Our signals work with all three Hypermotard models and cleanly fit into your existing stock mirrors.

For the Ducati SuperSport 939 and 939S models, your front turn signal options include those that integrate into a line below the windshield. As you adjust the windshield, the LED lights also move, keeping them visible from the side and front at all times. These fit with stock bolts, and you can get optional block-off plates to cover any holes left after removing the OEM mirrors for track racing.

For racing and when you want a sleek, fierce look for the front of your Ducati Panigale 899, 959, 1199 or 1299, install LED turn signal mirror block-offs. These cover the holes left by removing the stock mirrors while adding an LED turn signal under the block.

3. Aprilia Front Turn Signals

Replace the stock indicator signals on the fork of your Aprilia RSV4 with lights from NRC. You can also adapt these signals into running lights with an extra dual-element diode. Brighter lights with multiple options for customization make these front turn signals sleek options for your Aprilia RSV4.

Mounted low and on the sides of the front of your bike, these front indicators for your Tuono V4R and V4 1100 clearly show other drivers when you use the turn signal. If you want to increase the safety and utility of these lights, add an optional dual-element diode to make them running lights as well as turn indicators.

4. Universal Front Turn Indicators

Universal turn indicators install on all motorcycle models from Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta. Some types of turn signals can even fit on the front or rear of the bike. One example of a set that fits anywhere is the LED Syncro set of turn signals from Motocorse. The extra-durable billet aluminum shells used on these indicators outperform many OEM models. They also function as rear non-integrated turn signals.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Taillight Styles

Aftermarket taillights shine red whenever you brake, and if you have turn signals integrated, they will also light up in yellow or amber. The style of your taillights is a critical decision because these lights will be the last thing other riders see when you pass them on the track or the roadway. Leave a powerful impression on them by choosing fierce taillights for your bike.

Not all taillights or motorcycle brake light bars have integrated indicators. Some simply light up when you brake or stay lit for running lights. For these non-integrated models, you will need separate turn signals. Check the design of your motorcycle to decide if you want integrated or non-integrated LED lights on the back of your bike.

Motorcycle integrated taillights

1. Motorcycle Integrated Taillights

Integrated taillights include both the brake lights and turn indicators. These complete kits replace all the rear lights on your bike. If you want a sleek appearance or a more aerodynamic outline for your motorcycle, you may prefer integrated taillights.

2. Non-Integrated Taillights

Non-integrated taillights offer the flexibility of design. These let you install separate turn signals on the back of your bike. For specific models, you may not need an all-in-one solution. Though not as popular as integrated taillights, non-integrated models are still available for several motorcycle models. You will find them among our many custom motorcycle brake lights.

3. LED Plate Lights

For driving on the road, you must have a light on your license plate. LED plate lights last longer and resist wear better than older halogen lights. LED lights also do not generate heat, as halogen lights can. We have several options for lighting up your license plate and keeping your motorcycle street legal.

Aftermarket Taillights for Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta

If you need a specific style of LED taillights for your bike, check out these models we have for Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta motorcycles. Because you want your bike to look great, we only offer high-quality aftermarket customization options for your high-end bike.

1. Ducati Taillights

For the Ducati Streetfighter 848 and 1098 from model years 2009 through 2015, you can install an integrated taillight that gives you options for the turn signal settings. For example, MotoDynamic offers a light with a sequential setting for the indicator lights that you can simply switch on or off. The LEDs flash yellow in the direction you want to turn, or you can set it to react like a standard turn signal. The stop alert setting, which you can also switch off, flashes three times with red lights when you brake.

Ducati Streetfighter integrated taillights

You don’t need to get an integrated taillight for a Ducati if you don't want one. If you have a Ducati Monster, you can install a non-integrated taillight onto the back of your bike. Whitelights has a model that serves as a simple, road-legal taillight and also illuminates your license plate. You can get the light with red, smoke or transparent covers.

2. Aprilia Aftermarket LED Taillights

If you want an essential brake light for your Aprilia RSV4 1000 or V4 Tuono, consider a smoked light from Whitelights with high resistance to vibrations and a long life due to the LED bulbs. It replaces the standard running lights and brake lights when you want a simple, non-integrated taillight for your bike.

That model also comes in an integrated version for the Aprilia RSV4 and Tuono bikes with sequential signaling when you use the turn indicators. This model allows you to skip extra installation or replacement of your rear turn signals when you customize the taillights.

3. MV Agusta Motorcycle Rear Lights

Clean up the end of your MV Agusta F4 or Brutale. Replacing the stock lights with an integrated set of motorcycle LED brake lights and turn signals removes excessive clutter from the back. Integrated taillights from Whitelights have super-bright LED bulbs with diffuser technology to enhance the lights' spread.

Some taillight units give you the option of choosing an integrated or non-integrated design, such as Whitelights's unit for the MV Agusta F4 or Brutale. With regular use, this light will last more than 11 years. You can choose a model with the additional wiring needed to integrate the turn signals or plug-and-play with the basic, non-integrated model.

4. Universal Rear Lights

If your taillight does not include a motorcycle plate light built in, you will need to install a separate light for your license plate. Luckily, finding an LED plate light for your bike is simple with universal designs from our catalog, such as the Fire LED plate light. This light works with Ducati, Aprilia and MV Agusta models and its unobtrusive design and black coloring won't detract from the appearance of your bike.

Explore Aftermarket Motorcycle Lights From Design Corse

Are you ready to customize your bike to give it a new look with lights that last longer? At Design Corse, we have the best LED lights for motorcycles, including your high-end bikes like those from MV Agusta, Aprilia and Ducati. Among our lighting products for motorcycles are those from Whitelights, a quality brand of LED light kits for upgrading your bike. We also have taillight LED upgrades to leave a lasting impression on those behind you.

See our line of aftermarket LED light upgrades at Design Corse. You'll surely find the lights you need to make your motorcycle match your style.

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