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Best Aftermarket Exhaust for Your Ducati Monster

Take your Ducati Monster to the next level with an exhaust upgrade. A better exhaust system will boost your engine's power and performance, giving you an edge on the track or the road. While the best Ducati Monster exhaust system depends on your motorcycle's model and year, you can find numerous aftermarket options available. Decide first whether you want better sound, increased horsepower or a combination of both before choosing the right modification for your ride. Knowing what you want your exhaust system to do for your bike will it easy to choose the perfect one.

Why Upgrade Your Ducati Monster Exhaust

Why Upgrade Your Ducati Monster Exhaust?

Ducati is known as a leader in performance, but if you want to get even more from your ride, upgrading the exhaust is one of the easiest ways to do that. With an exhaust upgrade, you can increase your engine's power, lighten your load and improve the sound of your bike.

  • Increase power and performance: Exhaust systems include the muffler and other components needed to move waste gases away from your engine as quickly as possible. The faster the exhaust leaves your motorcycle, the more power and performance you'll get from your engine. Installing Ducati Monster exhaust mod systems can give you the edge you need on the road or track.
  • Lighten your load:Depending on the materials you choose for your exhaust system, you could lighten the weight of your motorcycle. Coupled with more power from the engine, an aftermarket exhaust can help you achieve faster speeds and better performance. Full exhaust systems will create the most significant weight reductions, especially if you select models made from lightweight carbon fiber or titanium.
  • Improve fuel efficiency: Full exhaust systems improve your bike's fuel efficiency, especially if they have materials in their construction to lower your motorcycle's weight compared to the original exhaust. Lowering the load of your ride always improves fuel efficiency. Reducing the weight of your bike is not the only way full exhaust systems save on fuel, though. These exhaust systems improve your engine's performance, making it more efficient in its fuel use. Choosing a slip-on exhaust model will not give you the same benefits of fuel savings.
  • Sound modification:The sound of your motorcycle is essential to the impression it makes. If you ride in an area that requires lowering the noise level of your bike, you will want an exhaust option that includes DB killers to reduce noise. Ducati Monster slip-on exhaust components are ideal when you need to cut the sound or modify it without the effort of remapping the fuel system or installing a completely new exhaust system.

Ducati Monster Exhaust Systems

With aftermarket exhausts, you can choose the ease of a slip-on exhaust or the increased horsepower of a full exhaust. Each type has advantages that may make it a better choice for your Ducati model. Slip-on exhausts enhance sound. To obtain an edge in performance on the race course, upgrade your entire exhaust system, which will give you more significant benefits in performance and power while lowering your motorcycle's overall weight. Combining weight reduction and power boosting produces the greatest results for racing.

To get the best exhaust, think about why you want to upgrade and how you need your bike to perform. A motorcycle that requires power and speed on a race course will need a different exhaust system from one used for weekend pleasure riding that needs better sound during use.

What Is a Slip-On Exhaust?

Slip-on exhausts consist of just the muffler. Though simple, this Ducati Monster aftermarket exhaust option is your best choice if you lack the time, tools or patience to install a full exhaust on your ride.

When you choose a slip-on exhaust, you get the acoustic benefits of a new muffler and a small amount of improved airflow. This choice works best for weekend riders who want better sound on the road but don't require the high-level performance of track riders.

What Is a Full Exhaust?

Full exhaust systems give your ride a new muffler, mid-pipe and header. These complete packages require extra steps for installation. Since the headers and mid-pipe come standard with full exhausts, you can boost your engine's power with this option more than replacing the muffler alone.

Depending on your motorcycle's model and its current configuration, installing a full exhaust system may require you to retune the engine to improve fuel efficiency and performance. You may even need to add a fuel controller or jet kit.

Some full exhaust kits can affect the lean of your ride. Be ready for this change, as you may need to adapt your riding style to match.

Ducati Monster Exhaust Materials

What Materials Are in Ducati Monster Exhaust Mods?

Getting more power from your engine is one part of the equation for seeing results when you ride. You also need to lower the weight of your motorcycle as much as possible to reduce load on the engine. The additional power you get from an upgraded exhaust will give you an even more significant boost if you also lower your ride's total weight.

Choose the right materials for your exhaust mods by considering the weight and durability of the parts. Cost is important when making upgrades, but don't let that be the only factor you consider. Get the most out of your upgraded exhaust system by choosing a lower weight material. Materials you'll see for aftermarket exhaust components are stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber.

Steel Exhaust Parts

Classic stainless steel parts have a construction built for durability. If you need an exhaust system that is both long-lasting and cost-effective, stainless steel may be your best option. This material is classic for a reason. It marries the best of price and longevity into one material.

The downside to steel, however, is its weight. Depending on the exhaust system currently on your motorcycle, you could add weight by installing a stainless steel system. Increased weight is not always bad, though. If you want better performance off the track, mass will not be as much of an issue as when you upgrade your ride for on-track speed.

Chrome steel has a shiny appearance many prefer for their motorcycles. Like stainless steel, chrome steel weighs more than carbon fiber and titanium, but it costs less.

Titanium Components for Exhaust Systems

Space-age titanium has the advantage of lightening your load without giving up durability and impact resistance. For shaving excess weight to increase speed and performance on the track, titanium exhaust components will suit your needs. Titanium is robust and lightweight but costs more than other materials. Should you determine titanium exhaust parts are best for your ride, though, the extra cost will be worth it by shaving time on the track.

Aftermarket Carbon Fiber Exhausts

Carbon fiber, like titanium, is a lightweight, premium material. It lowers the overall weight of your motorcycle while providing excellent exhaust performance. Many motorcycle owners prefer carbon fiber parts for their rides because the material resists wear, impact damage and vibrations. If you need an exhaust system that will withstand the harshest conditions, consider opting for carbon fiber components.

Aluminum Exhaust Systems

Aluminum components cost less than carbon fiber and titanium and weigh less than steel. This material is a good middle-of-the-road option when you need to balance cost and weight. Like steel, aluminum retains the classic styling of your ride. Aluminum is best for your exhaust system if you want to maintain the appearance of an older motorcycle while focusing on lowering the costs of the upgrade.

Best Ducati Monster Exhausts

Best Ducati Monster Aftermarket Exhaust for Your Bike

The right Ducati Monster exhaust modification for your ride depends on the model you own. Not all aftermarket parts fit all models. To get the most from your upgrades, pair the new exhaust to your motorcycle's best attributes.

Ducati Monster 696

For the classic Ducati Monster 696, exhaust options include both full exhaust kits and slip-on styles. For a full exhaust option, check out the Ducati Monster 696 QD Ex-Box exhaust system. This model has a design perfected for maneuverability by putting the largest components lower to the ground. By keeping the center of gravity low with this exhaust system, you can take tighter turns and handle your bike better on the track or road. Because the weight is mainly below the axes of the wheels, you have better braking control. More power and control are why this full exhaust system is a top choice for the Ducati Monster 696.

For slip-on models, you can install the Dual Slip-On Hydroform. This easy-to-install model fits onto the original manifolds on your bike without the need for structural modifications. Sound quality from this slip-on option is difficult to match. You have the choice of ceramic black or satin finishes for a customized design. As long as you aren't riding on closed-circuit tracks, you can request increased DB killers for your slip-on exhaust. Customizing your ride to how you want it to look and sound has never been easier.

Ducati Monster 796

Ducati Monster 796 exhaust systems include the long-lasting, great-looking Titanium Silencer exhaust system. Whether you've already done work on your bike's exhaust system or this is the first time, this exhaust model will fit with your current arrangement of either OEM or aftermarket parts.

To smooth the lines of your motorcycle, this model includes silencers without bulkheads. It also has DB killers you can easily remove as needed and where permitted. The lightweight titanium helps you reduce weight on your bike while boosting power.

Ducati Monster 797

The trusted brand FM Projects makes one of the best Ducati Monster 797 exhaust systems in a slip-on design with two tip options. For road-safe noise levels, select the racing model with Ergal End Tip removable DB killers. If you need MotoGP volumes, choose the GP option. This slip-on model comes in at a lighter weight than the OEM muffler.

If you follow the manufacturer's installation suggestions, including the use of a DNA filter and power commander, you'll experience up to six horsepower of additional power. Not all slip-on exhaust system options will boost your power. But this FM Projects muffler is made to do just that.

Ducati Monster 821

Harkening back to the 900 model, the Ducati Monster 821 has an updated engine, design and safety features for the modern rider. Some of these features can weigh down your bike too much for racing. To lighten the load on this model, select a Ducati Monster QD exhaust that eliminates the weighty catalytic converter. This option is a mid-pipe made to reduce the weight and heat of your motorcycle while increasing performance. Use this mid-pipe exhaust component in addition to other Ducati Monster 821 exhaust slip-on parts.

Ducati Monster 1100

Powerful performance boosts come from the Ducati Monster 1100 Evo Titanium full exhaust system from Moto Corse. This exhaust fits both the Monster 1100 and Monster 1100S models. With titanium construction, this complete exhaust system lowers your motorcycle's weight without compromising performance. After installing this exhaust system, you will quickly see torque, response and power improve. Compared to the OEM stainless steel exhaust, the titanium material increases the power-to-weight ratio of the bike while staying strong through harsh conditions and impacts.

Ducati Monster 1200

Your Ducati Monster 1200 exhaust system needs to match the model's compact, sporty, modern design. The QD Twin Carbon Slip-On Exhaust system fits the Monster 1200S, and you can increase your engine's horsepower with a carbon fiber slip-on — with an improvement of up to nine horsepower.

To get the maximum gains from this exhaust option, choose the two-into-one mid-pipe option. To get the sound you want from your bike, choose to leave the DB killers in place or remove them. Where you ride your motorcycle will also determine if you can remove these sound dampeners or not. To keep the sleek styling of the Monster 1200, this exhaust system gives you the choice of a carbon fiber or titanium finish on the mufflers.

Ducati Monster S4R

Since its introduction in the early 2000s, the Ducati Monster S4R has proven itself to be a motorcycle for those who love speed and maxing out the bike to its 10,500 rpm limit. The fun of riding this motorcycle comes from its pep and rapid acceleration without compromising ride management.

To preserve the speed and handling of your ride, consider installing a QD Ex-Box Ducati Monster S4R exhaust system. With a lower design, the bike's center of gravity stays closer to the ground maintaining the maneuverability of this classic design of Ducati bikes of yesteryear.

Get the Ducati Monster Performance Parts Your Machine Needs

One of the easiest ways to increase your ride's performance is through exhaust upgrades. When getting better sound and more power from your motorcycle takes so little effort, it makes sense to make this change now. Enhance your performance on the track or get the deep, resonant sound you desire for road riding through an exhaust upgrade.

Once you experience a ride with a new exhaust system, you will wonder why you waited so long. Get started on your Ducati Monster upgrades today with aftermarket exhausts for your ride from Design Corse.

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