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MV Agusta produces some of the world's most advanced and coveted Italian sport bikes. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has been producing everything from touring motorcycles to superbikes for over 70 years, with a stellar racing history. MV Agusta has built a name for itself as one of the most formidable players in the industry.

What Makes MV Agusta Stand Out?

The qualities that make MV Agusta superior to its competition are numerous, but it can all be broken down to the company's dedicated team of engineers and designers and the innovative technology they've put into every single bike they've produced since launching seven decades ago:

  • Cutting-edge design and manufacturing facilities: MV Agusta motorcycles are developed in the Castiglioni Research Centre (C.R.C). A global leader in motorcycle design and innovation, the C.R.C. has developed some of the most coveted models of the past half-century, including the groundbreaking Ducati 916 and Brutale models.
  • Over 70 years of experience. Since its start in the mid-1940s, the MV Agusta brand has been at the top of its game since the start of its relationship with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Cagiva (founded 1950). With the Cagiva family's extensive roots in metalworking, MV Agusta bike designs benefit from years of research and expertise in the art of motorcycle design.
  • Italian craftsmanship at the heart of every piece. At the heart of MV Agusta's motorcycle is the artisan tradition that Italian craftsmen pass on from one generation to another. It's with this understanding that Agusta's motorcycles are crafted by hand, and not assembly-produced by machinery.
  • Award-winning motorcycles across multiple categories. Throughout the brand's long and illustrious history, MV Agusta bikes have been ridden to victory by some of the greatest legends in motorcycle racing, including John Surtees, Giacomo Agostini, Mike Hailwood and Carlo Ubbiali. From 1948 to 1976, racers won more than 3,000 tournaments — including 63 World Championships — on the brand's motorcycles.

Innovation, experience, care and a successful history in an industry as competitive as motorcycle racing are rarities in contemporary productions of any kind. MV Agusta motorcycles are innovatively designed by a highly experienced team of dedicated craftsmen, whose bikes have won awards across multiple categories.

63 world championships on mv agusta bikes

One of the most renowned models, the F4, has been winning awards since its unveiling in 1999 and the second generation from 2010. That year, MV Agusta took home multiple awards at the Infotori awards for the F4 and other models, including:

  • "Most Beautiful Motorcycle on the Web" for the MV Agusta F4, beating Japanese and German competitors
  • "Most Beautiful Sports Bike on the Web" for the MV Agusta F4, beating out the Aprilia RSV 4R
  • "Most Beautiful Naked on the Web" for the MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR, taking victory over the Kawasaki Z1000

MV Agusta is globally revered for its innovative technology, groundbreaking design and optimal performance, all of which have made purchasing an MV Agusta a sacred rite among the world's motorcycle enthusiasts. Current bikes that bear the brand's name consist of three and four cylinders and range from 650 cc to 1100 cc.

Which MV Agusta Model is Right for You?

We have all the information you need to help you choose the right MV Agusta model to fit your needs and desires, taking into consideration performance, design, and other features that make a bike just right for the rider.

Maybe you want the fastest bike on the market. Or maybe you need a bike that has enough power to let you show off for your mates on the weekend.

style of motorcycle

MV Agusta has models that meet both of these needs and more.

Types of Bikes Available

Motorcycles are manufactured in several categories, each of which are geared toward riders of different levels. Some bikes are ideal for newer riders who are looking to master speed and precision on challenging terrains. For those who have already mastered those skills, sport bikes are the logical next step, as these bikes are made for conquering race tracks.

Here is an overview of the main categories of motorcycles available today:


Top-of-the-line, liter-class sports bikes are also known as superbikes, which are made to run at the highest speeds possible. As with bikes in the supersport class, this category of bikes are used for racing. Among the leading riders in the world of racing, MV Agusta superbikes are highly valued for performance and reliability on the race tracks.

When purchasing an MV Agusta superbike, you demonstrate to others that you're serious about the sport. Not only do you want to ride with great speed — you also want the highest levels of precision and performance that a motorcycle can possibly offer.

mv agusta f4

A popular example on the streets right now is the Brutale 800 Dragster, which is optimal for speed racing as well as leisurely riding.

Superlatives aside, buying an MV Agusta F4 or Dragster is a serious investment into the world of superbikes. As most of the world's leading racers would recommend, it is best to learn more about each bike before making a purchase. That way, you can gain a greater sense of how a specific type of bike will meet your goals for buying a motorcycle. Superbikes are not intended for first time riders or riders who don’t feel confident in their handling abilities just yet.


Middleweight sport bikes are also known as supersport bikes, which are optimized for high speeds, sharp corners, maximum acceleration and abrupt braking. For the rider who is ready to take his shot at the big time, bikes in the supersport class are ideal for race tracks on which world-class racers compete for superbike titles.

Supersport bikes are for serious riders that want a bike up to the challenge of mastering along complicated turns and angles, which require mastery of balance and precision steering on the part of the rider. On an MV Agusta supersport bike, you need to have the confidence to master top speeds with poise.

If you are committed to conquering your riding skills, an MV Agusta supersport bike could be just the bike you need to take your riding to the next level.

Supersport bikes are solid investments for riders who are serious about taking their ride all the way to the top. While it might not be the first MV Agusta bike that you ever take to the streets, you should master the skills needed to match a supersport bike’s potential before testing its capabilities or moving to a superbike.


A naked motorcycle is any upright bike that typically has no windscreen, but offers comfort-positioned footpegs and controls. As many riders agree, naked motorcycles embody freedom on the open roads. When you grip the throttle out on the road, there's nothing between you and the wind.

In addition to the liberating feeling of riding freely in the open air, a naked motorcycle will allow you to travel across great distances on a wide variety of terrains. In warm weather environments, the freedom afforded can give you peace of mind during open-air rides along sunny coastlines and high hilltops.

On the busy streets of towns and cities around the world, a naked MV Agusta could make you the envy of onlookers left and right. If you are ready to up your ride, purchasing an MV Agusta of this variety could be one of your greatest investments.

This style MV Agusta is a great ride for all skill levels. Lower power ratings make these bikes easier for firs time riders but still have the versatility that an experienced rider can enjoy for years.


Designed for touring, bikes of the tourer variety are equipped with comfortable and upright seating, large fuel tanks, ample windshields and low-end horsepower. On leisurely rides through cities and towns, tourer bikes provide ample speed and comfort. With their sleek style, tourers also turn the heads of pedestrians and passing motorists alike.

For rides down freeways from town to town, as well as for commutes to and from work, a touring bike could serve plenty of day-to-day purposes. If you are looking for a motorcycle to take on leisurely rides in scenic areas, this style bike could ideally be your first MV Agusta. With any touring MV Agusta, you could have yourself a high-performance motorcycle that’s perfect for taking long rides along hills, valleys and sea sides.

Design Corse: The One-Stop Shop for MV Agusta Parts and Accessories

For almost 70 years, the MV Agusta brand has endeared itself to motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. It’s more than just the beauty of the bikes that have earned this loyalty — it's also the hand-crafted care that goes into the construction of each individual bike that bears the Agusta name. This same care has also graced Agusta bikes with the quality that has led the company to numerous awards and victories at world championships.

MV Agusta Heritage

As times continue changing, Agusta has stayed abreast of each development with a flexibility and openness toward new innovations in bike modification. Recent trends include the adoption of rearsets and quick shifter, which Design Corse sells for MV Agusta models.

Take the next step and invest in an MV Agusta that matches your experience and riding goals. When you’re ready to upgrade parts or add a personal touch, Design Corse has the best names in aftermarket performance. Our friendly specialists are also available to answer any MV Agusta questions!

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