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Christmas Present Ideas for Motorcyclists

Most of us know a motorcycle lover or two. They might be a hardcore fan that eats, breathes and sleeps performance motorcycles or a more casual enthusiast who’s just getting into the world of motorcycles. In all cases, coming up with 2018 Christmas gift ideas for motorcycle lovers is easy. Here at Design Corse, we know that motorcycle parts, accessories and related equipment are on the top of the list for motorcycle lovers.

Check out our list of the top ten motorcycle lover gift ideas that will put a smile on the face of your two-wheeled fan Christmas morning and have them dreaming about getting their motorcycle out when the winter is over.

Top Gifts for Motorcyclists

Whether it’s performance parts that make their motorcycle faster, stylish accessories that make it look better, or handy accessories that make riding even more enjoyable, you are sure to find something for the motorcycle lover in your life.

GoPro Hero7 for motorcycle enthusiasts

1. GoPro Hero7 Camera

GoPro is the leader in sports and adventure cameras, and their Hero6 model is designed to impress. Any performance motorcycle owner would be happy to have a Hero6 to record their exploits on the street and at the track. Lightweight, easy to mount and simple to use, the Hero7 from GoPro not only allows you to record for fun, but it also gives you a record in case of an accident or traffic problem.

Motorcycle battery maintainer

2. Battery Maintainer

One frustration of being a motorcycle fanatic is that winter weather in many regions means riding is a seasonal affair. A motorcycle battery charger makes a great gift since an unused battery will lose its charge, especially in the cold. Get your special someone a quality battery charger so they can maintain a trickle charge all winter long and be sure their ride is ready to go when the warm weather hits.

Motorcycle tyre air compressor

3. Portable Air Compressor

A flat tire can really ruin a road trip and a ire that’s flat or just low on air is a safety hazard. It’s bad enough when you are in town and have to try to find a service station with an air pump, but it’s a real inconvenience when you’re out on a long run. A compact portable air pump makes a great gift for a motorcycle owner as it can be used at home for regular service and maintenance duties and be packed up to take along for a long trip.

BlueTooth intercom set for motorcycle riders

4. Bluetooth Intercom Set

While there’s no denying that a Bluetooth intercom system for motorcycle helmets is fun, it’s also a practical communications tool that helps groups of riders stay together. You can always be sure where your riding partner is and be ready to provide assistance if need be. Bluetooth headsets like the Sena SMH-10-10 headset can have a range of up to half a mile. We don’t know a single motorcycle fanatic that wouldn’t love to find a Bluetooth com kit under their tree Christmas morning!

Frame and engine sliders for motorcycles

5. Frame and Engine Sliders

No motorcycle rider wants to think about taking a tumble, but it’s always better to be protected just in case. Here at Design Corse, we have a huge selection of frame and engine sliders designed for Ducati and MV Agusta models. You can choose the sliders that match the style and colors of any model, so check out our selection and find the perfect frame and engine sliders for your favorite motorcycle fan.

Tire repair kit for motorcycles

6. Tire Repair Kit

No one wants a flat tire to ruin their outing. A motorcycle tire repair kit makes a great gift for Christmas. It’s the kind of gift that’s easy to carry along in case of a puncture and can help avoid costly towing and garage repair charges. Tire repair kits are affordable, so pick up a few to offer as stocking stuffers to all your friends who ride. Remember to grab a few for yourself as well!

Tail tidy fender eliminators

7. Tail Tidy Fender Eliminators

At Design Corse, we know performance motorcycle fans like to put their own signature on their machine. Why not get your enthusiast a tail tidy fender eliminator this Christmas? Winter gives them time to install it and make sure their motorcycle is looking its best when the nice weather hits again and it's time to get back on the road or track. For those who are itching to get back out, aftermarket modifications like this are just the thing to keep them busy during the cold winter months.

Motorcycle saddlebags and racks

8. Saddlebags

Nothing encourages motorcycle fans to head out on an awesome road trip like a set of custom saddle bags. If you're looking for a unique gift idea for someone you know who enjoys long trips on their performance motorcycle, consider giving them a set of saddlebags or a luggage rack. Choose a pair that is designed for aerodynamics and style and with luck, you will be invited along the next time they hit the open road!

Motorcycle bike covers

9. Bike Cover

If you’re like us here at Design Corse, you spend the whole winter thinking about when you can get on your motorcycle again. For those months when we can’t be out riding, a quality motorcycle cover makes an excellent Christmas gift. A cover keeps dust and dirt off a motorcycle when it’s stored and protects it from scratches, making sure it looks its best when the cover is pulled off in the spring! It’s also great for year-round protection.

Performance motorcycle gloves

10. High-Performance Riding Gloves

Riders of performance motorcycles can quickly go through a pair of riding gloves. Gripping through tight corners, pulling hard on the brakes before the apex and giving full throttle once through takes its toll on gloves. A new pair of high-performance racing gloves for Christmas is a thoughtful and practical gift that gives the rider improved feel and control over their machine.

More Awesome Gift Ideas from Design Corse

These are some of the coolest gifts you can give this Christmas to your friends and family who are huge motorcycle fans. Check out our catalog for hundreds of other great Christmas gift ideas for motorcyclists to enhance performance and style and make maintenance easier.

While you’re at it, remember to pick a nice present out for yourself!

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