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MV Agusta is responsible for creating cutting edge motorcycles over the last several decades. Motorcycle enthusiasts rush to see the latest creations by this manufacturer as the company is a staple in motorcycle design and Grand Prix racing. While the brand continues to thrive in the motorcycle industry today, it's important to recognize the accomplishments of the company that craft our understanding of high-end bikes.

Design Corse provides aftermarket parts for some of the most popular MV Agusta models. Our appreciation for this company derives from a long history of dedication and innovation.

What Is MV Agusta?

MV Agusta is an Italian-based motorcycle brand that stands for Meccanica (mechanics) Verghera (where the bikes were manufactured). The company got its start in aeronautics manufacturing when Count Giovanni Agusta discovered a love for planes in 1907. Giovanni would eventually work on the production of airplanes for World War I.

By the conclusion of the war, the airplane industry suffered a great decline, and Giovanni would pass down the business after his death in 1927. His son, Domenico, filtered the MV Agusta brand name into motorcycles and focused solely on this mode of transportation into 1945.

Why motorcycles? The post-war era called for inexpensive transportation, and this outlet could save the jobs of employees working at the MV Agusta plant. Domenico teamed up with his brothers Vincenzo, Mario and Corrado to fuel a passion for racing.

MV Agusta Beginnings

MV Agusta produced its first motorcycle prototype back in 1945. The family tried to register the name "Vespa," but it was already taken. Instead, MV Agusta would call the bike the "MV 98."

MV Agusta experienced its first level of success by 1947 with a racing victory outside of Milan. By 1950, the business started manufacturing 125cc racers that put the company's name on the map.

A series of advancements in production would take place after 1950. MV Agusta included four-stroke engines, alloy brake hubs and reinforced fuel tanks across the 125cc race bikes. The motorcycle company saw victories in World Championships within the 125cc category.

Vintage MV Agusta Bikes

MV Agusta could enter races in 125cc, 350cc and 500cc classes by 1953. The manufacturer released a new line of 175cc bikes featuring a single-cam and twin-cam kit. The 175 CST and CSTL had signature red paint and was commonly referred to as "Disco Volante" (flying saucer) on the racetrack.

By 1956, MV Agusta was taking World Championship motorcycle racing by storm. The company thrived on competition, so MV Agusta hired the following riders for excessive winning streaks:

  • John Surtees
  • Mike Hailwood
  • Phil Read
  • Giacomo Agostini

MV Agusta Financial Struggles and Revival

MV Agusta experienced difficult financial burdens after the loss of Count Domenico Agusta. The company dropped out of racing by 1976 and was indecisive about what to create next. The early 1970s served as the end of an era for MV Agusta, but there would be a revival in years to come.

Cagiva purchased the trademarks for the MV Agusta brand during the early 1990s, and this revived the motorcycles you know and love today. In 1997, consumers would see the first new MV Agusta motorcycle hit the market in well over a decade. The company released a limited run of the F4 750cc which would place them in the market of up to 1,000cc speeds.

The company now competes with high-end Italian sport brands such as Ducati.

21st Century MV Agusta Bikes

From 2003 to 2018, MV Agusta revolutionized the way riders view motorcycles. As technology continues to advance, so do the capabilities of sport motorcycles. Since the company's rebirth, MV Agusta has been involved in several partnerships to create the following motorcycles:

  • Brutale 750
  • F4 1000 Series
  • F3 Series
  • Rivale Series
  • Turismo Veloce
  • Stradale Series
  • RVS #1
  • F4 Claudio

There always seems to be a great deal of excitement each time MV Agusta announces a new line of motorcycles. Collectors enjoy the brand as certain models discontinue over time. When you ride an MV Agusta motorcycle, you experience an important piece in the history of competitive racing.

The Legacy of MV Agusta

Riders embrace speed, torque and control when they ride an MV Agusta motorcycle. Starting out as a 2-gear 98cc project, fans connect with the history of racing when they purchase aftermarket parts from Design Corse. Motorcycles take on an all-new form with MV Agusta bikes, and this is largely because of their influence over the industry.

During the 1950s and into the 70s, MV Agusta had prolonged success in Grand Prix racing. The company carried over 250 Grand Prix wins with international sales shaping customer demands. Bikes from MV Agusta reached top speeds throughout their years in racing, but the colors, shapes and cosmetic features caught the eyes of riders around the world.

Some of the biggest names in racing wanted to work with the company because they were able to create bikes that won World Champion titles.

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