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June 01, 2017

Choosing the right Motorcycle Boots Ducati / MV Agusta

While having the right look and style of motorcycle boots is important, there’s a lot more to choosing the right pair than the appearance. Boots need to combine comfort, safety, performance and protection for the type of riding you do, whether it’s on a road or a track. While it can be tempting to hop on your motorcycle and go for a quick run in casual shoes, we always recommend lacing up your motorcycle boots. As a sport motorcycle owner, you’re driven to push your machine even on short jaunts — so make it a habit to wear them at all times.

When it comes to choosing your boots, there’s more to it than simply finding a pair that fits. You also need to know about the different features and qualities of motorcycle boots and the advantages they offer. Before choosing your next pair of boots, read through our guide for tips on choosing the best motorcycle boots for you.

What to Look for in Motorcycle Boots

There are four major factors you’ll want to consider when you start looking for your next pair of motorcycle boots:

  • Comfort: If your boots aren't comfortable, there's a chance you won't wear them. They need to be the right size for your foot and offer a combination of support and padding. The sole should be firm, which helps reduce fatigue over long rides. Reinforced heel and toe areas make shifting and braking less tiring. If you’re going to be racing at a track and doing little walking, you can go with a stiffer boot, whereas riders who plan to stop frequently and do a fair bit of walking will want a boot with a little more give. This is a big plus and saves you the hassle of changing to street shoes when getting off your motorcycle.
  • Safety: Safety is a big factor when choosing motorcycle boots. Casual street shoes won’t protect you in an accident against impact or rubbing along the ground. Motorcycle boots and shoes are designed to protect your shin, ankle, toes and heel in case of an impact.Different brands use a different combination of design, materials and padding to add safety to their motorcycle shoes, so it’s important to read up on the boots you’re considering and understand the ways in which they provide safety for your feet.
  • Performance: When we talk about motorcycle boot performance, we're referring to the added dexterity and flexibility you have to control your motorcycle. Control and grip are added with a smart sole and tread design, as well as various pads and grips around the toe, heel and ankle.
  • Protection: Since we can’t always avoid rain and cold weather, it’s important to choose motorcycle boots or shoes that can withstand the elements. Many boots offer rain protection with waterproof materials and zippered covers over the laces and keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Ducati Motorcycle boots comfort

Different Types of Motorcycle Boots Available

There are many different classes of motorcycle boots on the market. This gives you the freedom to choose the boots that best suit your style of riding and personal preferences. Choose from categories such as:

There are many different classes of motorcycle boots on the market. This gives you the freedom to choose the boots that best suit your style of riding and personal preferences. Choose from categories such as:

  • Sport and racing boots: If you spend the bulk of your riding time at the track, this is the only way to go. Sport and racing styles are the best motorcycle boots for high-speed riding and give you the best grip and feedback on your rear-sets for quick and accurate shifting and braking.
  • Touring boots: Don’t let the name throw you off! Touring motorcycle boots are equally at home on a long, lazy canyon ride as a day at the track. The difference is added flexibility and comfort that makes them suitable for wearing all day. This means you’re ready to jump on your ride at any moment, but also comfortable enough that you won’t have to change your shoes when you get off.
  • Short boots and riding shoes: What you give up in shin protection you gain in comfort and grip when you opt for short boots or riding shoes. They’re designed to offer an excellent riding experience in a discrete and easy-to-wear shoe, so if you’re inclined to wear your street shoes on your motorcycle, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a pair specially designed motorcycle short boots or shoes.
  • Adventure and sport boots: If your riding takes you off dry roads and into the mud and water, adventure or sport motorcycle boots are your best choice. These waterproof boots not only keep you warm and dry, but also offer added protection against the bumps and spills that are common with off-street riding.

Motorcycle Boots Top Brands Sidi / Alpinestars / Dainese

Choosing the Right Boot Size

Most motorcycle boot sizing is standard, meaning you’ll wear the same boot size as your regular street shoes. Depending on where the boots come from — North America versus Europe, for example — the sizes might be different. Always try both boots on and walk around a bit. If possible, try them out on a motorcycle to see if you have the grip and agility you need on the pegs and for braking and shifting.

Upmarket motorcycle boots will offer adjustments to allow you to personalize the fit. You can also opt for custom inserts, such as molded gel inserts, that take the form of your foot and give you maximum comfort for hours of riding enjoyment.

Our most important piece of advice is to try out as many different pairs of motorcycle boots and shoes as you can before buying. You may decide to have a few different pairs, depending on your riding style (a pair for track day and another for touring, for example) or find the best compromise that covers your needs.

At Design Corse, we eat, drink and sleep performance motorcycles! Choosing the right boots can help you to enjoy your passion for riding even more, so we hope our guide helps you make your selection.

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