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MV Agusta F3 675 800 / RC / AGO Steering Damper Kit Motocorse

For improved steering during riding, the addition of a steering damper can go a long way toward adding steering precision and comfort. A steering damper kit adds just the right amount of resistance and keeps your motorcycle tracking where you direct it. It can also help reduce kickback and vibrations that transmit from the road up into your handlebars, which is tiring, especially over long distances.

At Design Corse, we offer a wide range of upgrade parts and accessories for your performance motorcycle, including the Ohlin steering damper kit from Moto Corse. The Ohlins steering stabilizer offers many great advantages over other aftermarket brands:

  • Attractive machined aluminum construction
  • Available in silver or black, to match your style
  • Low-speed adjuster for better low-speed damping
  • Fully adjustable shock absorber style design
  • Fast and easy installation on your MV Agusta

MV Agusta F3 RC / AGO / 675 / 800 Ohlins Black Damper Kit

How to Install Your Ohlins Steering Mount Damper

Designed for easy installation on your MV Agusta F3, an Ohlins damper kit only requires a few common tools for installation. If you already have a damper installed, start by removing your existing damper. All you need is a 5mm Allen Hex driver or key:

  • Loosen the bolt on the frame mount portion of your damper
  • Remove the bolt on the handlebar clamp portion
  • Fully remove the first bolt
  • Carefully slide the damper out of the handlebar clamp
  • Remove the clamp from the handlebars with the 5mm driver

With your existing damper removed, you can start with the installation of your Ohlins damper:

  • Install the clamp in place of the old one, using a drop of Lock-Tite. One popular option is to install a greased 11-mm rubber O-ring at the base of the clamp to reduce vibration at this point in the process.
  • Tighten according to the torque specification noted in the installation guide that comes with your kit.
  • Slide the damper through from the left to the right, being careful not to damage the end eye.
  • Place the collar for the damper through the end eye, making sure a greased O-ring is in place.
  • Start to install the bolt through the end eye into the frame mount by hand.
  • Torque according to the specification listed in the installation guide.
  • Start to install the top bracket bolts by hand with a drop of Locktite.
  • With the handlebars turned hard left, slide the damper almost all the way to the end eye.
  • Tighten the bracket bolts with an Allen key to ensure they are fully secured.

Note: If you do not currently have a damper installed, you will need to get a fitting bracket kit along with the steering damper and install this prior to following the above steps. Instructions for this are included with the fitting bracket.

Ohlins SD001 MV Agusta F3 Steering Stabiliser

That's all it takes! When you straighten up your handlebars, you'll see the damper sits mid-way along the damper rod. Turn full right and full left a few times to verify that your damper moves freely and doesn't bind. Double check that you have tightened according to specification and always avoid over-tightening, which can damage your damper kit or motorcycle.

It is always a good idea to put a sheet or cloth over your tank when you’re installing your Moto Corse steering damper kit, as it only takes one slip to scratch the paint on your tank. Thanks to the attractive design of the Ohlins damper, your MV Agusta will look better than new and offer steering damping and feedback like it’s a totally different motorcycle!

MV Agusta Ohlins Motocorse F3 Damper Kit

The Top Choice in F3 Steering Damping

At Design Corse, we don't sell aftermarket products we wouldn't buy ourselves. Not only is this a fast and straightforward install, but it also allows for adjustment while riding and reacts differently at low, medium and high speeds, giving you the right amount of damping and feedback you need at each speed.

Check out our catalog for part specifications and let us know if you have any questions! You can also choose the color that best suits your MV Agusta F3 — go for intense flat black or eye-catching machined aluminum.

Once you have installed your Moto Corse Ohlins steering damper kit, grab a few pictures and send us a review. We’d love to hear your impressions and learn your tips on how best to install the damper. Your advice will go a long way in helping other MV Agusta enthusiasts with their own installations!

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