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Here at Design Corse, we're huge MV Agusta fans. We love the style. The handling. The performance. What we've come to see, like many F4 and Brutale customers, is that no motorcycle is perfect, however. In many cases, owners of 4-cylinder F4 1000S, 312 and 1078RR models from the 2005 to 2009 model run, as well as the Brutale 910R, 989 and 1078RR from 2004 to 2009, have suffered overheating due to insufficient cooling in their stock configuration. The problem stems from MV Agusta installing larger 1000+ cc engines in the F4s and Brutales without revising the cooling system or bodywork fairing design.

MV Agusta Overheating Models

While added power is always a plus, without the necessary cooling improvements, your motorcycle can't handle the extra heat generated. The problem is most noticeable in stop-and-go traffic or when you're riding at low to medium speeds for extended periods and can't get enough cool air past the radiator.

Thankfully, our team has a few relatively simple, yet effective, methods to improve the cooling of your MV Agusta so you can get the most out of it on the street and on the track without worrying about your bike overheating and shutting down.

Solutions for Your Overheating Problems

We've studied the overheating problems with the F4 and the Brutale. While there isn't one single fix, there is a combination of modifications and upgrades you can make to improve cooling on your 1000+ cc MV Agusta. Without the modifications, your motorcycle can hit temperatures of over 122 degrees Centigrade, where the ECU will shut down to protect you from engine damage.

Solutions for overheating MV Agustas

Top Recommended Solutions:

Keep your cooling system from ever reaching those temperatures with these top upgrade recommendations that work for these F4 and Brutale models:

  • Replace your underperforming OE water pump with our high-capacity Racing Upgrade Water Pump that improves recirculation by 46% — especially below 4700 rpm, where stock recirculation is extremely low.
  • Drain your stock engine coolant and replace it with Engine Ice, which is formulated to pull more heat from your engine and extract it through your radiator thanks to improved flow.
  • Upgrade your ECU to Microtec for improved engine performance and include custom mapping to have your ECU turn your cooling fans on sooner (to start removing heat before it starts to climb too high).

In our mind, the priority should always be to find a solution that is keeping with the originality of the bike yet offering permanent results without the rider needing to have manual input. We believe the MV Agustas are there to be ridden and enjoyed without having a thought about switching on fans at set temperatures.

Additional Commonly Tried Solutions to This Problem:

Here are some additional options for improving your F4 or Brutale's cooling system:

  • Installing metal aluminum fan blades, as the plastic OE versions can melt and sag under extreme heat.
  • Adding a manual fan switch to turn your fan on when your dash temperature gauge starts to climb.
  • Replacing your old hoses with our Samco Hose Kit Upgrade to ensure maximum flow and reduce pinching.

If you own a F4, there are a few additional modifications that have proven to be effective in increasing engine cooling:

  • Cutting out parts of the fairing to allow hot air to escape.
  • Upgrading your radiator to an H2O or Febur model.
  • Adding ceramic coating to your headers and manifold.

Our Design Corse team knows the frustration of having a potent performance motorcycle like an MV Agusta Brutale or F4 and not being able to ride it as hard or as long as you want to. Many of us have already upgraded our water pumps and have seen immediate improvement. Couple it with a swap to Engine Ice and revised aftermarket ECU mapping, and you'll be running cool mile after mile and lap after lap.

The Best Upgrades Are Seamless

While cutting away your F4's fairing and installing a manual fan switch can work, let's face it: we all want seamless fixes that maintain the original style, integrity and reliability of our MV Agusta's.

We've given you a list of ideas that work to aid cooling, but we suggest starting with our top-quality upgrade water pump. It carries some impressive specifications, including:

  • Precision CNC machining
  • Strong 7075 T6 aluminum alloy
  • Standard fixings, bearings and shafts that can be ordered directly as replacement parts from MV Agusta

This water pump can increase the recirculation of coolant by 46% within your bike. The original water pump below 4700 RPM, has a very slow recirculation speed which is caused by the large gap between the rotor and the pump cover. This causes a huge inconvenience to the rider, reducing the performance and comfort for anyone who rides their MV Agusta F4 or Brutale every day, or just for the classic Sunday ride.

Aftermarket MV Agusta water pump specs

During the summer, when temperatures are warm, you only need to be stuck in a traffic jam or to stop at a traffic light to cause the temperature to rise to 115-117 degrees. To then bring the temperature back down to 90 degrees requires several kilometers of sustained speed riding which is not always possible, especially in city conditions. Our enlarged water pump has been developed by our company with the help of several important teams who use the 312 RR in race conditions.

This isn't some half-baked, second-rate water pump. We're talking about a proven upgrade part that will give you performance, reliability, durability and improved cooling even in extreme traffic and heat conditions.

You can contact our team for more information and to discuss your MV Agusta cooling issues. You might also have some other tips and ideas for keeping the temperature gauge in the safe zone that you want to share with us. Browse our catalog and find the parts, accessories and aftermarket upgrades you need and place your order today. Keep your motorcycle cool with a little help from Design Corse!

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