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March 18, 2018 0 Comments

MV Agusta Superbike F4 Series Possibly End of the Line?

I remember clearly the first time I had seen the MV Agusta F4 Superbike back in 1999 launch, standing proudly like an Italian supermodel absorbing the attention and pure awe experienced by me and my fellow Motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Initial glance took me straight to the Rear Single sided Swingarm with the 5-star wheels leading up to the tail of the bike with the glorious 4 organ style tail pipes that can only be described as a piece of art. That’s exactly what I was looking at, motorcycle art by one of the finest designers of motorcycle exotica the man himself Massimo Tamburini.

Each angle and component that my eye glanced over had quality, craftsmanship and distinct premium finish to it. This was the day that I and many fell in love with the MV Agusta brand and even though my pockets where not that deep to acquire one, I knew that someday soon I would have to have one.

MV Agusta F4 750 Oro

 The Journey for the F4 begins..

The F4 series has had quite a journey from the early F4 750 models then leading to the 1000cc displacement in 2005, then pushing that further upping the performance to the R models including the 312 / 1078RR variations which was the last of the 1 st generation F4 models and a bullet proof engine that till this day demands respect.

The MV Agusta Company has always gone through uncertainty of not knowing or being fully prepared for the future whether that would be financial, technological but one thing has always been consistent that is the Passion for the Brand and its ethos, Values. There were some key changes in 2008-2010 where the Harley Davidson took ownership and started the development of the 2 nd Generation 4-cylinder Models that were released from 2010.

The Castiglioni Family took the brand back after the debts where cleared and looked to push the brand forward to the new technological age.

Claudio Castiglioni MV Agusta

When will the new F4 be released?

Over the last 5 years rumours of the new F4 series have come and gone with expectant eyes each year at dealer meetings and in EICMA Milan motorcycle Expo. However, this did not come to fruition and with the recent news of the Superbike F4 line not likely to make a return to superbike racing in 2019 and the street bikes ending their life in Euro4 and ongoing regulations till maybe after 2021.

Those of us that are diehard MV fans feel an air of disappointment and the glimmer of hope we once had to see the new F4 share the design, technological advances of its little brother F3 seem to be tarnished.

However, all is not doom and gloom and those that are patient and willing to keep the brand close to their hearts remember the emotions of seeing the F4 when it was released will be watching MV in the coming years for a hint of what the hyper bike may look like, its design and style comparable to the F4?

MV Agusta CRC Design Ideas

One thing is clear that the future holds electrical and hybrid technology at the heart of its development, while seeing motor vehicles brands R&D’s using large proportion of budgets to future proof their brands. In order to become leaders in the advances that technology has to offer one has to strategically plan.

The Latest news coming from MV Agusta is said to be bringing the Cagiva brand back to life but not as we have previously known it.

Cagivas will feature electric powertrains and an early prototype will be revealed at EICMA later this year, said MV investor Timur Sardarov, with the production units following around 12 to 14 months later.

Cagiva Motorcycle Brand Revived by MV Agusta


Therefore, the future beyond 2021 when the new hybrid design or technology hyperbike developed by MV Agusta will be something that we the fans will be looking forward to and those that can appreciate the current F4 incarnation will retain and hold onto them till the new series is released.

I for one will be keeping my F4 750 Senna in my living room just to admire its beauty, forward thinking and timeless design until the new dawn arrives with the possibility of the F4 replacement hyper bike era.

Arrivederci quattro cilindri F4 superbike, ci manchera

Goodbye four-cylinder F4 superbike, we will miss you

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