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Ducati with LED bar end mirrors

When you’re running a performance Ducati motorcycle, you want upgrades that improve your bike’s performance and safety without detracting from its sleek look. The best way to keep your eye on who's coming up from behind — and look great while doing it — is to upgrade your bar end mirrors.

At Design Corse, we carry Oberon adjustable bar end mirrors that will improve your rear view while you’re changing lanes and making other maneuvers. As with any upgrade, there are performance and aesthetic pros and cons to adding different types of aftermarket mirrors; luckily, Oberon mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so that you can improve your ability to see what’s coming up behind you and still get the look you want.

Oberon Performance: Your Top Choice in Bar End Mirrors

If you don't know Oberon, do yourself a favor and discover what they have to offer. Our team at Design Corse scours the market for the leading brands in performance motorcycle parts and accessories and is proud to carry Oberon. They have created a popular range of attractive and highly functional bar end mirrors.

You can choose from different shapes and styles, including:

You also have a choice of silver or black, depending on the style of your Ducati and the finish you are looking for. Do you want attractive machined aluminum in a natural silver finish for a high-tech look or flat black anodized aluminum for a stealthier appearance?

Ducati with LED bar end streetfighter mirrors

What to Consider When Upgrading Your Mirrors

Choosing the best aftermarket motorcycle bar end mirror upgrades for your Ducati means finding the right compromise between function and style. When you choose Oberon mirrors, you’re getting the best mix of both.

At Design Corse, we’re motorcycle enthusiasts just like you — and we understand the debate between appearance and functionality.

To find out what users think, go online and check out reviews of the different round and oval Oberon mirrors. The consensus is pretty clear: Oberon bar end mirrors look great and will give you years of reliable use. They’re a cinch to adjust and stay in place, unlike lower-end aftermarket mirrors that jiggle loose due to vibrations and bumps in the road or the wind. Their billet aluminum construction means they'll resist dings and corrosion and still look great down the road.

Many motorcycle riders who spend time on the streets prefer the larger viewing surface of the oval mirrors, which also provide greater view of blind spots for passing and turning. Other riders, especially those who spend more time riding on the track, who want the sleekest look possible, often find that the round bar end mirrors provide a good balance between improving their rear view vision and keeping the sleeker look.

If you’re looking to add bar end LED indicators for your Ducati as well, Oberon offers bar end mirrors integrated with bar end LED indicators in both the round and oval mirror types.

In all cases, when you choose Oberon bar end mirrors from Design Corse, you're getting some of the best mirrors available on the aftermarket. They include great features such as:

  • Quality CNC-machined T6 billet aluminum for precision and corrosion resistance
  • Sturdy construction and assembly so they last longer
  • 220-degree folding for easy storage and passage through tight spaces
  • Snug swivel and pivot points, so your mirrors stay put even during hard riding

Your stock bar end mirrors simply can’t compete. Nor can other aftermarket mirrors, for that matter!

Ducati Handlebar Sturdy Non Vibration Mirrors


Oberon Bar End Mirror Installation Tips

When you've made your choice of aftermarket bar end mirrors, installation is easy. Oberon has designed their bar end mirror kits to suit a wide range of Ducati models. You need to be sure you order the right size of mirror for your handlebars (7/8 inch or 1 inch for clamp style, or adjustable 12-19 mm for internal collet-fitting type mounting).

For clamping models, you will need to either purchase the Handlebar Clamp Adaptor to install on your bike, or move the throttle and switch gear inwards on the clip-on or handlebar to allow enough space for the mirror to clamp on. With the internal collet-fitting models, you insert the fitting into your bar end and tighten using a hex key to expand the collet and create a tight fight that won’t budge.

Ducati Handlebar Bar End Sturdy Non Vibration Mirrors

Mirrors Available for Many Ducati Models

At Design Corse, we offer as much choice as possible for customers with all models of Ducati, including Streetfighters, Multistrada, Monsters, and other models high-quality aftermarket parts. One of the most popular models for Oberon adjustable bar end mirror upgrades remains the Streetfighter 1098 S and 848 models. The clean and purposeful design of Oberon mirrors flows perfectly with the sharp, sleek design and of the Streetfighter while also improving your rear view vision.

Once you've ordered your Oberon bar end mirrors, got them mounted in place and have gone for a spin to try them out, we'd love to hear back from you!

Do you currently have Oberon mirrors installed? Let us know which type you went with and why! Your opinions and reviews will help other Design Corse customers make the right choice for their Ducati performance motorcycle upgrades.

Check out our inventory now and find the best Ducati bar end mirrors around from our selection from Oberon Performance!

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