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We called for your stories, and you've Answered!

Winter is knocking on the door.. and while it's true that most of us will have to let our petrol hearts rest for a while, nothing can stop us from reminiscing all of those beautiful riding experiences we had during the past season!
It took us a while to get through all of your stories and it really wasn't easy to pick the best 3 out of all of them, specially since all of them are so different from one another!
Grab yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy reading the stories of these fellow motorcyclists. These are our top 3 picks for our Summer Tales Contest!

3rd Place: David Gutierrez Salgado - Chapa de mota Estado de México

"Sunday morning, after having slept a few hours because I was constantly checking the clock for the time to roll with my friends, I jump out of bed to get ready and put on my protective gear that I cleaned and ordered before going to the bed, I open the curtains and I see the clear sky revealing that this will be a great day !, I walk down the elevator and I find several neighbors who see me completely dressed in my war suit, they look at me with admiration and some do not usually leave to say "drive safe" and yes, it really feels the adrenaline of knowing that I will ride for several hours my iron horse of more than 200hp that is waiting for me to go rolling. I arrive at the garage where it is covered with its cover that hides its beauty from thieves and some other envious neighbors, I discover it and I can admire it as it was after washing it the day before, I love contemplating it with its pieces that little by little I have been installing it to improve not only its beauty but its performance behavior, I turn it on and I can hear the powerful and harmonious sound of its powerful engine make me remember why i choose an Mv Agusta F4RR! I check the cell phone to confirm my meeting with friends, reaching the point of a smile when I see one arriving I join my team and I look at their bikes although of course mine is the best, always our bike is the best of all! 
We started towards our destination "Chapa de mota Estado de México", a road full of turns and the occasional bump that has to be ridden, full of beautiful landscapes that often we do not contemplate for concentrating on attacking the apex, we started to heat our tires and we turn on the cameras to capture the moment and to be able to relive it again and again in the comfort of our office computer monitor, there is no shortage of friends who challenge you to press more your capacity to go faster than you see it passed by that old man path that we have shot again and again, reaching the curved area the mouth begins to dry and the heart to beat stronger, it's time to concentrate and start the adventure! 
Some assume their position after the other's motorcycle and some seek to go first, finally everyone defines their position and shows their character and personality in that decision. We listen to our motors as they go roaring and at the same time harmonizing that quiet Sunday morning in the forest, there is no shortage of cars that we can see seeing some smiling and taking our hands with a sign from the front guys! and others that you have to dodge not to give way, however it is a feeling full of adrenaline, we arrive at our destination and there is no lack of comments and anecdotes of each of us, we enjoyed a good breakfast parking the motorcycles in sight to be able to continue contemplating its beauty, we are made for this and we know it, we are passionate about the two wheels and we are involved in a sweet and exciting problem."
Thank you David for sharing your story, it must have been truly wonderful to appreciate Italian crafstmanship in action in such a habitat!
Congratulations on your third place, enjoy  Double Reward Points on your next order!

2nd Place: Jordan Zetterstorm - Riding is healing

Jordan Zetterstorm F4 Track Day
"My wife and I had been planning a trip to British Columbia to explore, do a trackday, visit my cousin and her family, as well as my aunt who had moved out there to be closer with her family due to health reasons. We had been planning to do two trackdays at the new track in B.C., Area 27. However, if I spent two days at the track it would cost us not only more money, also less time with visiting my family out there. After spending lots of time rearranging our itinerary, the extra track day always sacrificed something more important. So it was one trackday for me, and no more concern of conserving my tires for two days at the track. 
Plans set and looking good, a huge roadblock came along. Halfway through the summer my wife had a major incident at work which led her to being put into the Crisis Service Unit. There was much pain and trial as she recovered, and family was such a huge blessing from God. At first she didn't think that she would be able to handle going on such a long trip, riding at the coast, and that she would possibly have another breakdown during the trip. I waited awhile as she healed and later talked to her about the trip and said "No. We have planned and saved up for this trip, and we both need to get away from this place more now than ever. We need to spend time away and have an adventure." She agreed and the plan carried on. 
September long weekend and the bike is loaded in the truck and our bags were packed. We spent a few days driving through the mountains of B.C. exploring and taking in the sights of it's inland. We arrived at my families just outside of Vancouver, and the bike was unloaded and the truck parked the whole time we were there. Our family gave us suggestions on areas to visit and our three days there were now filled with lots of places to mark on the map. There were lots of motorcycle shops, restaurants, land marks and points of interests covered and more that we wished we had time for. From riding to a beach that had a pier stretch 4km out into the ocean, to Granville Island market, seeing a real life version of an Ewok village at Capilano Suspension Bridge, riding along the Sea to Sky Highway, and ending in Stanley Park Island with a late lunch at the Teahouse and my wife going into the ocean for her first time. The riding was refreshing, frustrating in rush hour with no lane splitting, and exhilarating as we discovered "Beautiful British Columbia". 
The bike was loaded again, and we headed back inland for what I had be waiting two years for. Area 27! On the way we stopped to pick up fresh fruit from the many fruit markets in the Okanagan valley, 10 different flavors of syrup, and taste test wine at several vineyards with three bottles of wine in the end. Next day was one to remember. The first two sessions had plenty of near poop my pants moments with the amount of elevation change and technical corners that the track had. After lunch I was pretty comfortable with the track layout and found myself riding with one of the fastest group of guys at the track. The whole afternoon we spent swapping positions and following each other, practicing our lines, and dogfighting it out to see who was the fastest. We were doing lap times that were only 5-6 seconds slower on mainly street bikes (mine stock), compared to a local professional club racer. Fuel burned and tires shredded, this was my best and fastest time at a track, and probably will be the best track that I experience in a long time. 
My wife and I finished off our trip with visiting my close and dear friend Joe in Calgary, who is always kind enough to open his door for us and let us crash at his place while we visit. Then our final trek back to our home in the prairies of Manitoba. Family and friends were connected with that time was to distant in between, new areas explored and revealed, memories of adventure and new faces and stories that all came with them. To finish it all, the time my wife and I needed away, and peace our souls yearned for, to bring us to a new chapter in our life. "
Thank you Jordan, your riding story is really touching and it shows how much motorcycling passion can impact our lives, we are glad that in this case it's helped you move on to the next chapter!
Congratulations on your 2nd place and enjoy a £50 Store Credit Coupon!

1st Place: Christian J Albers - Blueridge Parkway U.S.A.

They say an image can tell a thousand words, well in this case the footage provided by Christian truly left us without anything to add!
"This summer I moved to Asheville, NC which is located next to Blue Ridge Parkway and runs through the Smoky Mountains. The mountains get their name from the mist that is produced by the Flora which produces "smoke" or mist when it rains. One evening I went for a ride but it started to rain and I captured these beautiful images with my camera, GoPro's and drone."
Take some time to absorb the scenery from this incredible footage shot in such a mystic environment. It truly represents and celebrates the unique connection between man, machine and nature, which is what we would consider the essence of motorcycling.
Thank you Christian for the incredible footage, we really appreciate the time and effort which goes into creating such content and we are grateful for you sharing it with us, keep it coming!!
Congratulations on the first prize of this year's contest, a Full Rear Sprocket Set! We will get in contact with you to discuss the details.
We would like to take a moment to thank every single one of our customers who took their time to write to us and submit their great stories, we really appreciate it and it's so great to see how the motorcycling community still is so closely connected to the passion that created it in the first place, the joy or riding your bike...
The Design Corse Team

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