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This year the stories have been phenomenal, however, there could only be only 3 winners!

It took us a while to get through all of your stories and it really wasn't easy to pick the best 3 out of all of them, especially since all of them are so different from one another!
Grab yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy reading the stories of these fellow motorcyclists. These are our top 3 picks for our Summer Tales Contest!

3rd Place: John Robson - Summer Charity Ride

We organized a charity ride out this summer for a very special lady whom I work with, she was both in a violent relationship and she lost her child in the same year. So she set out to do her bike test and organize a ride out in three months to go from squires bike cafe to Whitby in aid of the forget me not charity who helped her through her difficult time.

It was a beautiful day and everyone who took part really enjoyed the day alais we didn't reach Whitby due to a steam fair but we did Scarborough instead so fish and chips were plenty. My partner who followed in the car and had organized some balloons etc to let off on the front where I have to say a lot of tears were shed.

The whole day in honesty was amazing we raised some money we had a great day out on the bikes and had fish and chips what more could you ask for it was perfection.

Thank you John for sharing your story! your riding story is really touching and it shows how much motorcycling passion can impact lives.
Congratulations on your third place, enjoy  Double Reward Points on your next order and the VIP Apparels Gift Set!

2nd Place: Chris Mordey - summer 9 day trip around Andalusia

On route to Fuencaliente in Spain, on the N-420 from Malaga, we encountered a total roadblock by Police, who informed us that 7 miles up the road more or less outside our hotel, a truck had veered off the road and spilled its load...

After checking our satnavs, the only route open was a 25-mile detour, on the Cm-4201 and the Cm-4202 and it was the best roads on our 9-day Spanish trip, let alone a detour... As bikers, always look on the positive side...

Thank you Chris for sharing your story, sometimes pictures can say a thousand words!
Congratulations on your 2nd place and enjoy a £100 Store Credit Coupon and Rewards Teir Upgrade!

1st Place: Erik Van Duin - How to celebrate special occasions.

Last summer I paid a visit to the local regiment in blue. My bridegroom and I had pretty much made up our minds on which vehicle we would like to transport ourselves to and from our wedding. Not to have our cunning plan thwarted, we opted to inform the enforcers of law in our little town and request their
approval, if not their cooperation.

Our mode of transport of choice, of course, was the MV. And, needless to say, unhelmeted. I mean: you don’t go about spending absurd amounts of cash on a hairdresser to subsequently squash every carefully sculpted curl under the obligatory helmet, now do you? And try finding a helmet to neatly go with the wedding attire.

The formidable lady who happened to occupy the counter in the reception area at the police station that day was amused by the reason for my appearance. She told me that this kind of conduct could not officially be condoned, but it seemed unlikely we’d be pulled over. Unless we would forget it might not be the best of ideas to tear across a bit of road at speeds exceeding an odd 80 miles per hour in this fashion. A tempting thought… and easily achieved on the speed happy MV…

But no; from our house to the location of the ceremony is barely one road and two crossings. We would be extra vigilant and adjust our speed to circumstances. That should be acceptable, shouldn’t it? Just a tad rebellious. And in style. She agreed. And so it was done.

The big day dawned at last. And dawn it did! The sun was shining. Not just as a figure of speech, but actually quite literally the most beautiful day. Of the month, because all the rest of it had been doom and gloom and oodles of rain-filled puddles. Of the year, too. And of my life. And so it could happen that we, brave
souls as we are, ascended our polished to a brand-new shine race

I placed the tips of my high heeled shoes on the little footpegs and with an artful movement, I managed to wrap my skirt around me in a compact and manageable way. The lavishly adorned hairdo merrily floated on the breeze that played around my helmetless head. My dearly beloved fiancée also looked the part. More than it, actually. Neat shoes, creaseless fancy grey suit, and a subtle green tie. Exactly the color of my silk top. Not really a motor riders’ outfit, but in a certain way still very well-fitting with the classy motorcycle we were driving.

It looked sophisticated and rather posh. Our arrival was one that turned heads. Not only those of the invited guests, but also of tourists that were loitering nearby and visitors to the market that was held in town that day. All were happily surprised to witness such an unexpected spectacle. Especially when we drove
into the ceremonial hall with a little backfire erupting out of the MV’s pipes. The only co-conspirator, the marital official from the town’s mayor's office, was gloating contently. Nobody had ever seen anything like this! Amused grins were galore. After the vows and the many congratulating handshakes, we took a moment to drive the bike home and store it safe and sound back in our garage.

In farewell to those of the assembled guests who wouldn’t be there at our return for the remainder of the feast, my brand-new husband gave the MV the gas it needed to roar a little. Just a little. And not very long, because he tempered the sound and the speed that went with it only second after. Just ahead a police officer stood preaching his traffic gospel to some youth, who, in his turn, did not look all that interested. When said officer spotted us on our motorcycle, without any sign of a helmet, he directed us to the side of the road with a gesture of his hand. Of course, he could not let us pass just like that. That would take out the fire of the speech he had just delivered with so much zeal.

Yes, he could see by our clothing that this was a one-time affair. And yes, it was just the littlest of trips. He would do us a favor. We would not be fined for riding without a helmet. But we would definitely have to continue our road on
foot. We would have to admit right here, right now, that we continued our road on wheels instead of feet as soon as we were clear out of view. Just a tad rebellious. And in style. And a lot more comfortable than pushing the race monster home with me wobbling behind on those aforementioned high heels.

Thank you Erik for sharing your personnel story of such a celebration, we really appreciate the time and effort and we are grateful for you sharing it with us, keep it coming!!
Congratulations on the first prize of this year's contest, a  Tail Tidy Kit Including Indicator  Set! We will get in contact with you to discuss the details.
We would like to take a moment to thank every single one of our customers who took their time to write to us and submit their great stories for 2019, we really appreciate it and it's so great to see how the motorcycling community still is so closely connected to the passion that created it in the first place, the joy or riding your bike...
The Design Corse Team

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