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Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is an Italian company that designs and manufactures some of the finest motorcycles on the planet. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Ducati motorcycles are often compared to the four-wheeled offerings of their Italian cousins Ferrari and Lamborghini for their exclusivity, outstanding performance and focus on racing development. Ducati is best known for high performance motorcycles characterized by large capacity four-stroke, 90° V-twin engines that feature a desmodromic valve design.

Unlike conventional poppet valves, which use a spring and rocker arm to control the opening and closing of the valve itself, desmodromic valves are physically connected to the cams that actuate them. Thanks to desmodromic valves, Ducati engines can rev freely to higher RPMs without any risk of “valve float,” which is a condition that can damage conventional overhead-cam engines. This unique power plant imbues Ducati motorcycles with strong, linear power delivery, but it can also make finding Ducati 999 parts and parts for other models difficult.

Another interesting and unique fact about Ducati 999 parts involves the way Ducati engines transfer power to the rear wheel. While most other manufacturers use wet clutches (with the spinning parts bathed in oil) Ducati previously used multi-plate dry clutches in many of their motorcycles. The dry clutch eliminates the power loss from oil viscosity drag on the engine. The multi-plate design gives the dry clutch configuration, which can feel more aggressive than a wet clutch, the finesse and linearity one would expect of a high-performance Italian machine. Our selection of Ducati 999 parts includes direct 48-tooth replacements for the factory 999 clutch. If your 999’s clutch is beginning to exhibit signs of wear or failing to deliver power correctly, a quality replacement is just a single click away.

Customize Your Ducati 999

Ducati truly is a Motorcycle Brand derived from competition and Passion for design. Their commitment to performance has led the brand to uncommon success in the racing world — 14 riders world championships and 17 manufacturers world championships attest to the expert craftsmanship of their motorcycles. The most recent champion to field a Ducati bike was Spanish rider Carlos Checa, who achieved the win in 2011 aboard a 1098 model, a direct descendant of the 999.

At Design Corse, we are dedicated to providing the Ducati 999 parts — and parts for other models as well — that allow you to make your bike your own. Even a great thing can be improved on, and our selection of Ducati 999 parts includes everything from engine internals to unlock even more of your desmodromic engine’s potential to suspension components that will deliver bleeding-edge handling from your already race-tuned Ducati. Along the way, don’t forget to check out the small components such as body kits, lights and tires that will make your bike truly your own.


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