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Carbon Fiber Parts for Ducati and MV Agusta

The advantages of carbon fiber are well known. Lightweight, extreme durability and attractive looks combine to make carbon fiber a popular choice for motorcycle parts and accessories. Upgrading stock Ducati or MV Agusta components to carbon fiber parts is a great way to customize your bike and make it look different than every other one out there on the track.

These bikes are designed to get noticed from the beginning, so why not take that extra step? Put your carbon fiber signature on your bike with some great parts and accessories from Design Corse. We carry a huge selection of carbon fiber designed specifically for your MV Agusta or Ducati, so you can be upgraded in no time.

Carbon Fiber Tip to Tail

There’s no limit to the amount of carbon fiber you can add to your bike. Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, carbon fiber is extremely durable, and it resists wear, weathering and cracking better than ordinary plastics. The strength comes from the way carbon fiber is constructed. The weave of the fibers provides layers and layers of reinforcement that can resist flexing, impacts, heat and vibrations. We carry a wide range of carbon fiber finishes, including:
  • A modern matte finish that complements your bike’s bodywork.
  • A glossy, polished finish.
  • A smooth, subtle weave pattern that looks great from all angles.
  • A cool, high-tech looking weave pattern just below the surface.

You can mix and match the styles you like to create a truly custom bike. And since our carbon fiber parts are designed with your Ducati or MV Agusta model in mind, they’re ready to install and offer easy fitment. It just comes down to your personal style and how unique you want your bike to look.


Tons of Choice

If you click on through to our catalog, you’ll find all sorts of great parts and accessories, such as fenders, tank protectors, lower side panels, air tubes and seat cowls. Some of the parts give you a boost in style, while others are fully functional and work with your bike to provide better airflow, increased protection and greater wear.

Our catalog is a cinch to use, too. Simply select your make and model of Ducati or MV Agusta and check out all of the carbon fiber parts and accessories we carry. Available in different colors and styles, you can mix and match to get the exact finished product you desire.

Kick your bike’s style and performance up a notch with our custom MV Agusta and Ducati carbon fiber collection. We ship around the world, so it’s simply a matter of making your choice, placing your order and getting ready to complete the customization of your pride and joy.