Aftermarket Ducati Multistrada Exhausts

Since its introduction in 2003, the Ducati Multistrada has been a popular motorcycle of choice for riders looking for power, style and versatility in one package. Of course, each year, there are about 10,000 more Ducati Multistradas out on the roads and the tracks. An aftermarket exhaust upgrade is a great way to make your supermoto, sport-tourer hybrid a bit more your own and to help it stand out from the crowd.

Different Types of Ducati Multistrada Exhaust System Upgrades

The cool thing about a Ducati Multistrada aftermarket exhaust upgrade is that when you choose to shop online at Design Corse, you'll get the highest-quality parts from top-of-the-line manufacturers. You can decide on what you want from the upgrade with full confidence that the exhaust system you select will live up to the performance and aesthetic standards you’ve come to admire in your Ducati motorcycle.

To make a decision that ticks all the right boxes, you first need to choose between a slip-on and full exhaust system upgrade. With the slip-on option, you only have to remove your original muffler and replace it with an aftermarket part that installs with little or no modification required.

The full exhaust system is a different story. For these upgrades, you’ll need to spend more time and money to replace your entire OEM exhaust system — however, the benefits in terms of weight shed, performance and speed can be substantial. Keep in mind that for a full system upgrade, you’ll likely need a jet kit or fuel controller.

Regardless of what you decide, with our selection of slip-on and full exhaust systems from aftermarket manufacturing specialists like QD Exhaust and BODIS Exhausts, you’ll have no problem finding the right system for your needs at Design Corse.

We carry the following aftermarket exhaust systems for Ducati Multistrada motorcycles:

Benefits of Upgrading Your Ducati Multistrada Exhaust

It’s important to understand that OEM exhaust systems are often a compromise between the multiple design, regulatory and budget requirements that manufacturers are faced with when bringing a motorcycle that attracts maximum consumer interest to the market. Aftermarket exhaust upgrades, on the other hand, can yield benefits that many riders find exciting and crucial to their enjoyment of their motorcycles.

Combining simplicity and cost-effectiveness, slip-on upgrades typically swap out a Ducati Multistrada’s original muffler for an aftermarket part that enhances both the aesthetics and the sound of the bike. While costlier and more involved, full exhaust systems have the ability to increase a bike’s horsepower while shedding weight — resulting in not just better sound, but a performance boost as well.

Design Corse Has All the Aftermarket Ducati Multistrada Parts You Need

With aftermarket parts from brands like QD Exhaust, CNC Racing, R&G Racing, Moto Corse, Whitelights and more, Design Corse is your one-stop online shop for all Ducati Multistrada upgrades. In addition to expertly crafted parts for exhaust upgrades, we carry rearsets, tail tidies, suspension and steering as well as a wide variety of other parts for almost any upgrade you can imagine.

When you’re ready to put your own stylish stamp on your Ducati, the team from Design Corse is here to make sure you’re thrilled with the results and have all the technical support you need. For informed answers to all your Multistrada upgrade questions, contact us now!


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