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Ducati and MV Agusta Puig Screen Deflector

Nothing looks worse in a high-end motorcycle like an MV Agusta or a Ducati than an ill-fitting windscreen. You know the type — a flat, unattractive rectangle of plastic bolted in place and meant for a multitude of models.

Here at Design Core, we have more respect for your investment than that. We carry Puig-brand screen deflectors, with a unique model designed for each bike. There is no worry about whether or not the screen will fit, look good on your bike or be durable. Puig is a leader in performance bike parts and accessories, and they use high-impact acrylic to create their world-class screens. Suitable for a weekend romp along the coast, a rip down your favorite straight stretch of highway or a bunch of hot laps around the track, a Puig motorcycle screen from Design Corse is a perfect addition to your MV Agusta or Ducati.

Performance and Protection

Our Puig screen deflectors not only look good, but they also provide some great benefits:

  • They provide excellent protection from the wind. They are designed to create a smooth flow of air around the driver with a minimum of frontal area, providing a low height and discrete size.
  • They offer little wind resistance. Angled and curved to cut the wind, our Puig windscreens will help your Ducati or MV Agusta slice through the wind.
  • They’re extremely durable. Designed and tested to resist impacts, your MV Agusta or Ducati Puig windscreen won’t crack or scratch easily, giving you miles and miles of trouble-free riding.

Even if you don’t do long-distance riding, a Puig screen deflector is a welcome addition. It forces the airstream around you instead of right at you, allowing for faster acceleration and more comfortable riding. Most riders who experience a windscreen don’t want to live without one afterward. Find out why with an MV Agusta or Ducati Puig touring screen from Design Corse!

Excellent Fitment

When you own a bike like a Ducati or an MV Agusta, you’ve already shown you have high standards and pay attention to detail. Get the windscreen that perfectly suits your model of MV Agusta or Ducati. Each Puig fly screen is designed for smooth integration and easy mounting to your bike, with no trimming or adjusting necessary. The installation is seamless, and the result is a professional look that could pass for stock.

Our catalog of parts is easy to search. Simply choose your make of bike and you can see all of the Ducati or MV Agusta Puig windscreens that apply. Compare the different models, and then place your order. We can ship anywhere in the world. Then it’s simply a matter of installing your Ducati or MV Agusta Puig fly screen when it arrives and getting out to enjoy the comfort and protection a screen offers.