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Aftermarket Taillights to Customize Your Motorcycle

For years, Ducati and MV Agusta have been producing some of the most exhilarating high-performance motorcycles around. Suitable for the road or track, even stock models from these brands outperform just about everything on the market and look great doing it.

Many of our customers here at Design Corse love their MV Agustas and Ducatis but like to put their own custom signature on them. That is why we carry so many great aftermarket performance and appearance parts. Our lineup of aftermarket taillights is a great way to set your sportbike apart from the crowd and create a unique look all its own.

We have many great integrated taillight upgrades that give a fresh look with a from-the-factory level of fit and finish. You can choose from many different shapes, styles and finishes — including popular clear and smoked lenses. Come and discover our vast selection of aftermarket taillights and create a cool look unlike any other MV Agusta or Ducati around!

The Benefits of LED Technology

Many motorcycle manufacturers are using LED lights in their stock models now. LED lights are brighter than conventional bulbs and are more resistant to impacts and vibrations. That means you get increased performance and longer-lasting lights, which is a real win-win.

LED lights also use less energy than older stock bulbs. That may not seem like a big deal, but on a racing or performance streetbike — where every gram and fraction of a horsepower matters — drawing less current is a plus. The long-term benefit is less draw on your battery and alternator, which can extend their life over the years.

It’s easy to see why LEDs are becoming more common on motorcycles. If your late-model sportbike doesn’t use LEDs, no worries! You can upgrade your Ducati Panigale with integrated taillights or swap out your stock MV Agusta F4 taillights with our upgraded LED kits and reap the benefits!

An Easy Upgrade That Makes All the Difference

You might think that changing your stock tails for aftermarket integrated taillights might be difficult. It doesn’t have to be! At Design Corse, we carry top-quality parts from respected brands that know a thing or two about motorcycle performance and appearance upgrades. Most of our taillight upgrade kits are plug and play, meaning the installation is easy.

For other kits, clear instructions are included that guide you through the steps involved in wiring your new tail lights. In all cases, you're getting flush-mounted lenses that fit the contours and design of your sportbike for a clean and professional-looking finish.

We are proud to carry integrated taillight upgrades for many different models, including the popular MV Agusta F3 & F4 and Brutale, as well as the legendary Ducati Panigale, Hypermotard and Monster. Our online selection is easy to browse — simply select “Tail lights” from the product category and specify your make and model of sportbike and we will display all of the parts and accessories that match.

Why Choose Design Corse?

Instead of selling generic parts that are meant to cover as many models as possible, our team here at Design Corse sources unique taillights and other parts that are designed with your model in mind. The result is top-quality parts that not only look great, but are also built to last and are easy to install.

We have years of experience in the business and can answer any questions you might have. Simply contact us for more information and our team will help you choose the perfect integrated taillights for your machine. While you're shopping, take a moment to check out our entire catalog, including tail lights and indicators as well as performance parts such as aftermarket rearsets and exhaust systems.