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Ducati and MV Agusta Talon Sprockets

Your front and rear sprockets may look simple, but they’re highly-engineered components that play a huge role in the performance of your bike. To put it in simple terms, if a sprocket fails, you’re not going anywhere.

These toothed gears need to withstand all the torque you throw at them when you launch your bike. They also need to resist long-term wear and keep the noise and friction to a minimum. Not an easy task for a simple disk of steel. That’s why Talon Engineering has gone to great lengths to create a lineup of durable, high-performance front and rear aftermarket sprockets for many different MV Agusta and Ducati models.

Choose Your Material

Talon Engineering has come up with quality solutions to the performance motorcycle sprocket market. Brands like Ducati and MV Agusta put some serious power to the rear wheels of their models, and they know you want a sprocket that is up to the task. For many models, you can choose between two materials:

  • Military-grade steel: Steel is the classic choice for motorcycle sprockets. Sturdy and long-wearing, steel sprockets are heat-treated to specific tolerances to give you a reliable and durable product.
  • Military-grade aluminum: The lighter weight of aluminum sprockets means less rotating mass, which means less wasted energy. These are designed to be resistant to shock and wear.

Each enthusiast will have their preference, so ask around to get different opinions. In all cases, we can tell you Talon Engineering has gone out of their way to offer you world-class sprockets that won’t let you down.

Our catalog provides all the information you need to find the MV Agusta rear sprockets that fit your make and model of bike. You can stick to stock gearing, or you can choose a different number of teeth for racing or road use. Our Talon sprockets for Ducati and MV Agusta are easy to install and are designed specifically for each different Ducati and MV Agusta model — so there’s no hassle. Simply place your order and let us ship your sprockets off to you. It doesn’t matter where you live because we ship everywhere! You can even consult our site and see the price of each Talon sprocket in the currency of your choice.

We make it easy for you to upgrade your bike to a Talon sprocket for smoothness, durability and performance. When you team up with Design Corse and Talon Engineering, you can’t go wrong!


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