MV Agusta F4 Carbon Fiber Parts

There’s a reason carbon fiber is such a popular material for motorcycle enthusiasts like yourself. It’s attractive, durable and offers a great strength-to-weight ratio. It resists vibration and wear, and it will look good for years to come. That’s why it’s such a great match for the MV Agusta F4.

Its purposeful and expressive design screams performance even in stock form, and it only gets batter when you customize with some cool MV Agusta carbon fiber parts and accessories from Design Corse. We’ve teamed up with top aftermarket suppliers to offer a great catalog for all different MV Agusta models, including the popular and prized F4.

Carbon Fiber All Around

Have you ever looked closely at carbon fiber parts? That weave you see just under the surface is more than cosmetic. It’s part of the structure of the material itself. Layer upon layer of carbon fibers are piled to create a strong matrix, and then they are held in place with a resin to offer that characteristic smooth finish we all love. But it’s the fibers that offer the real appeal of MV Agusta F4 carbon fiber accessories and parts:

  • This material resist impacts. Carbon fiber has a homogeneous structure, meaning it’s as strong top to bottom as it is side to side, and it can take abuse without cracking or splitting.
  • It also resists wear. Even if your carbon fiber parts are installed in an area when they get rubbed or brushed, they will stay strong and attractive for a very long time.
  • Carbon fiber even resists vibration. Plastics are highly susceptible to stress cracking from vibrations, especially in corner and at holes. Not carbon fiber. By nature, it stops cracks from progressing.

All of these properties combine to make carbon fiber a material of choice for your MV Agusta F4. You get the best of both worlds — incredible durability and that great custom look of real carbon fiber. What more could you ask for?

Time to Upgrade

Now all that’s left is to browse our online catalog at Design Corse and select the carbon fiber parts and accessories that suit your MV Agusta F4. Pick all you like, and we’ll ship them off to you quickly. We have experience shipping all over the world, so there’s no need to determine shipping availability in your area.

Concern yourself instead with planning your MV Agusta F4 carbon fiber upgrade project. No one will mistake your bike for a stock MV Agusta, and no one will question your sense of style or appreciation of your bike!