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MV Agusta Blinker Adaptors Set

CNC Racing

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MV Agusta Turn Signal Wiring Loom Adaptor Set By CNC Racing.

Here at Design Corse we carry CNC Racing aftermarket parts for MV Agusta for one reason: they’re the best. World-class engineering, top-quality materials, and beautiful, durable finishes all combine to make them one of the top suppliers for the high-performance motorcycle aftermarket. They also carry kits and accessories designed for seamless installation, like these blinker adapter sets.

CNC Racing blinker adapter sets are direct fitment ‘plug and play’ adaptors for installing turn signal resistors to your standard wiring loom or upgrading your blinkers to LED for front and back. As an owner of a world-class high-performance motorcycle like an MV Agusta, you’re not going to waste your time with sub-standard, generic wiring kits. Instead opt for our CNC Racing blinker adapter sets, which are designed with the electrical wiring loom of your MV Agusta in mind.

Perfect Precision Fit

When you’re working on a world-class bike like your MV Agusta, you don’t want to do anything halfway. A top-notch bike like your F3, Stradale, F4, Brutale, Dragster, or Rivale model deserves top-notch aftermarket parts and accessories. These model-specific wiring loom cables are plug-and-play and designed for fast, painless installation. They’re perfect when you’re swapping out your front and rear blinkers to LEDs, for example. Available in pairs, they’re easy to route where your existing blinker wires pass, and look totally stock and professional when installed.

In no time at all, you can enjoy the clean installation and reliable function of new Design Corse blinkers on your MV Agusta. Don’t waste your time and effort trying to adapt your existing wiring loom and risk damaging your electrical circuit or creating a short circuit. Go for the option the professionals choose and upgrade with a blinker adaptor set today!

Please note. These do not fit 1st Generation F4 or Brutale Models.


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