Ducati Rear Sprocket 5 Nuts Kit CNC Racing

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Ducati Rear Sprocket 5 Hole Quick Change Carrier Nuts Set By CNC Racing.

Some of the parts on your Ducati motorcycle are small, but they play a key role. Take your rear sprocket flange nuts, for example. They’re responsible for holding your rear sprocket in place. You can imagine the force applied to your sprocket every time you twist the throttle and wind your bike up. You want to make sure your sprocket flange nuts are doing their job at all times. Upgrading to our high-quality Design Corse billet aluminum flange nuts are anodized for full corrosion resistance and an attractive finish. You can even pick from multiple colors to accentuate your style.

For many models

Your set of five rear sprocket flange nuts are easy to install, but remember to double-check the manufacturer’s specified torque. Once they’re installed, you’re ready to hop on, fire up your engine, and get the power down to the back wheel. Not only will our rear sprocket flange nuts work perfectly, they’ll also add a touch of custom color and flair to your drivetrain.

You’ll be able to pick your bike out of a lineup from a mile away with a few great Design Corse upgrades like this.


CNC Racing only make the finest equipment for Ducati superbikes.