Ducati PRAMAC Brake Lever Guard

CNC Racing

305937 - 308400

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Ducati Front Brake Lever Guard PRAMAC LIMITED EDITION.


In cooperation with the top Superbike and GP teams, CNC racing has developed the Ducati front brake lever guard Pramac limited edition. This Ducati Pramac brake lever guard is both groundbreaking and practical, combining a high level of safety with the ultimate in production quality and design.

This innovative protection system Ducati brake lever guard works equally well for both road bikes and racing bikes. The Pramac brake lever guard protective design comes as the result of two years of study on how to create the most aerodynamic yet effective product, creating a sleek line without unwanted air front pressure means clean driving with no interference. The plastic bracket protects the brake lever from contact with obstacles that could cause the bike to spill, maximizing safety.

You can trust that you’ll find the best materials around with this brake lever guard, with unmatched quality and style. That’s because we’ve done a detailed study of plastic materials, resulting in identification of a polymer flexible up to a defined safety point and shareable at maximum elasticity to prevent any contact with the brake lever.

Please note that there are adapters specifically for the Ducati Panigale series which are threaded. Chose the Panigale models from the drop down for the correct adapter.

CNC Racing only make the finest equipment for Ducati superbikes.