Ducati Oil Breather Reedless Valve

CNC Racing


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Ducati Oil Breather Reedless "MONO" Valve By CNC Racing.

This great billet aluminium oil breather valve, is available in different colours and replaces the original Ducati plastic valve.

It's different in a sense that it doesn't have a reed filter as the OEM version, allowing for a better combustion gas release at high intensity engine use.

Also this valve will help with Ducati engine 'blow-by', which is when combustion gases leak into the crank casedue to piston rings getting worn out, causing accelerated engine oil contamination.

This often is noticed on Ducatis with oil appearing in the airbox, that is when excessive 'blow-by' causes large amounts of engine oil to be forced through the crankcase ventilation system and into the airbox.

The reedless oil breather valve helps to resolve these issues by releasing large amounts of combustion gases.

However, if your bike does not have any one of these issues, and your riding is mostly done on road and not on track, we advise you to purchase a breather valve WITH a reed valve inside as the original Ducati version, as it would work best.

This version is for curing 'blow-by' and for high intensity track use.

Beautiful design and style for your DUCATI by CNC Racing.