Ducati Clutch & Rear Brake Reservoir Tank

CNC Racing

307644 - 305945

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Ducati Clutch or Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank 12ML By CNC Racing.

Suitable as clutch and rear brake fluid reservoir on the Ducati bikes with Radial Master Cylinders or Brembo Style Reservoirs.

Available with a vertical, 45 degree or a 90 degree outlet for Radial Clutch Master Cylinders.

The reservoir tanks are supplied with all the necessary mounting brackets and fittings for an easy non specific universal fit.

Reservoirs themselves are made of light weight billet aluminium.

Available in a variety of great colours.

Please note that for the rear reservoir bracket for Panigales this tank won't fit in the OEM clamp and must be setup to the rear of the bolt hole.

CNC Racing only make the finest equipment for Ducati superbikes.