Ducati Scrambler Oil Cooler Guard Motocorse

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Ducati Scrambler Oil Cooler Titanium Guard By Motocorse.

This Oil Cooler Guards for the Ducati Scrambler is available in Titanium, long lasting durable finish.

The Motocorse oil radiator protection is obtained from a thickness of 0.6 mm titanium plate. It is cut and perforated by means of photochemical etching process that gives the object a flawless appearance.

Titanium is a material resistant against corrosion and oxidation caused by atmospheric agents and by the time, therefore, retains its structure.

Neat frame, completely encasing the oil cooler, protecting it from damage.

They improve the looks of your bike and help to protect your expensive and vulnerable oil cooler from flying debris, kicked up by the wheel or by other road users.

Beautiful design and finish for your Ducati Scrambler by MOTOCORSE.