Ducati Scrambler Rear Axle Sliders CNC Racing

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Ducati Scrambler Rear Axle Sliders By CNC Racing.


Rear Swingarm Axle sliders Bobbins made from solid Derlyn and aluminum alloy.

CNC presents top-of-the-line rear wheel axle sliders that are the perfect accessory for your Ducati bike. Check out these affordable, stylish and protective enhancements for your motorcycle. These Ducati Scrambler rear wheel axle sliders and variants are all made from high-quality light billet aluminum with rigid solid plastic protectors.

You can choose these rear wheel axle sliders for Ducati bikes in a variety of different colours to suit all tastes and preferences. The available colours perfectly compliment that hot Ducati riding style and include gold, silver, black and red.

These rear wheel axle sliders are expertly designed to protect both the rear wheel and the swingarm in case of an accidental fall or drop for added safety for you and your bike. An added bonus to the Ducati wheel axle sliders is that, on top of the added safety you’ll enjoy, they also give the bike a nice, sporty look.

If you’re in the market for a rear wheel axle slider for your bike, try these rear wheel axle sliders for adding a beautiful design and style to your Ducati.

Protect swingarm and rear wheel from accidental falls or slips and give the bike a sporty design.

Beautiful design and style for your Ducati by CNC Racing.