Ducati Sprocket Carrier Titanium Nuts 6 Hole CNC Racing

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Ducati 1199 / Monster 1200 / Diavel / 1098 Rear Sprocket Carrier Cover Titanium Hub Flange Nuts Set 6 Pieces By CNC Racing.

CNC Racing rear sprocket carrier nuts kit is composed of 6 special nuts realized in titanium through the use of CNC machines.

Nuts sprocket flange machined from solid Titanium GR 5. The kit consists of six dice for fixing the damper housed in the transmission crown.  Each maintains the measures of the originals therefore are perfectly interchangeable.

The use of titanium grade 5 allows a considerable saving of weight and maximum corrosion protection. These front brake disc bolts are precisely machined from solid titanium billets structurally reinforcing the bolts.

Upgrading to Titanium bolts will hopefully ensure you never have a bolt shear off during a crash, preventing normal operation of your motorcycle. Conical shaped deep Allen key heads help with leverage when tightening and also will be more visually eye catching via light bounced off the reflective surface.

The sophisticated design, the manufacturing care, the precious material make this article like a jewelry.

Titanium rear sprocket carrier nuts are perfect substitutes for the original ones.

CNC Racing only make the finest equipment for Ducati superbikes.