MV Agusta F4 Titanium Exhaust Decat Link Pipe

Moto Corse

303813 - 104175029

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MV Agusta F4 1000 / 312 / 1078 Link Pipe Titanium Decatting By MOTOCORSE.

This MV Agusta link pipe titanium decatting by Motocorse directly replaces the OEM middle link pipe containing the catalyzer. In other words, this MV Agusta link pipe allows you to remove the cat from the bike. Removing the cat and replacing it with this MV Agusta F4 link pipe shaves weight off of the bike and allows the bike to run much cooler, drastically reducing the chance of overheating.

This MV Agusta link pipe is made from lightweight, high-quality titanium, which changes to titanium blue to let you know when it has reached optimum temperature. These qualities make this MV Agusta titanium link pipe a very popular add-on for your MV Agusta bike.

It’s important for those with F4 1000R / 312R /1078RR bikes to note that these bikes will require Aftermarket Collectors to install this link pipe, as the OE collector is welded to the link pipe.