MV Agusta Front Brake Reservoir REBEL Fluid Tanks 25ML

CNC Racing


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MV Agusta Front Brake Reservoir "REBEL" Fluid Tank By CNC Racing.

Suitable as a front brake fluid reservoir on the MV Agusta bikes only with Semi or Radial Brembo Style Master Cylinders.

Bikers are the most demanding fans and are always searching for superb quality special components giving a touch of exclusivity to their bike. CNC Racing has reinterpreted the shape of the front brake and clutch tanks, creating a shape that did not exist, an exclusive product as per the CNC Racing tradition.

The “Rebel” model tanks are 25ml. The height of the individual tank is the same (52mm), only the width changes from 53mm for the 25ml.

Both versions are in aluminium machined from solid and offered in five colours: black, gold, red, blue and silver.

Each tank kit is provided with all the assembly accessories (brackets and three spouts with different angles), is closed with three concealed screws that make the line even sleeker and more elegant and the tanks are all provided with fluid level window.

CNC Racing only make the finest equipment for MV Agusta superbikes.