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Ducati NRC LED Dual-Load Equalizer

New Rage Motorcycles Inc

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Ducati Dual-Load Equalizer By Newrage Cycles.

The Dual Load Equalizer is designed to slow down the flash rate of your turn signals.

It does this by adding back the load to your mechanical flasher relay that was removed by converting stock incandescent turn signals to LEDs.

When upgrading traditional mini bulbs to LED, certain applications may require a Load Equalizer in order to prevent bulb outage warnings. This is due to the fact that LEDs consume a fraction of the power of the traditional bulb they replace.

Some circuits use bulb power draw as a way of detecting a properly functioning bulb. On these circuits, the car may erroneously “think” that the LED bulb is burnt out because it draws so much less power.

This can result in a fast blinking condition or an error message on the dashboard.

Features and Benefits:

Corrects hyper flashing and bulb-out warnings caused by LED replacement systems

Higher cooling capacity lowers surface temperature compared to others on the market

Works by increasing the electrical load of the LED bulb and thus bypassing the outage detection system.

Beautiful design and style for your DUCATI by NEWRAGE CYCLES.

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