Ducati Scrambler Integrated Tail Tidy Fender Kit NRC

New Rage Motorcycles Inc


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Ducati Scrambler Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator Kit By Newrage Cycles.

NRC releases a PLUG & PLAY fender eliminator kit for your Ducati Scrambler!

If you are looking to remove the rear fender, this is the kit for you!

kit is sold as turn signals as well as a complete fender eliminator solution with a license plate bracket included.

Signals with splash guard and license plate bracket tuck up underneath the bike ideal Plate 180 mm x 100 mm license plate with 6 mm bolt holes that are 150 mm x 70 mm apart.

Our plug & play kit saves you time and money on installation, and lets you plug right in and ride on!

Please Note: LED may flash slightly faster than UK / EU Rate due to being Manufactured in USA for their Home market.

Beautiful design and style for your DUCATI by NEWRAGE CYCLES.