MV Agusta Brutale 990/1090 SP Racing Quickshifters

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MV Agusta Brutale 920 / 990 / 1090 R / RR SP Racing Quickshifters Kit.

The Shifter (CGS Clutchless Gear System) is an electronic device for easy installation and use that lets you put a higher gear without closing the throttle or using the clutch.

E 'consists of a small electronic control unit (eBox) and a sensor mechanical (SMEC), which must be installed in the kinematic chain drive transmission (typically of the rod).

The entire management of the phase shift in acceleration and without friction, is by means of an evolution of product 2002-2012 between research and continuous improvement of the same, to offer a product performance and quality.

Tested and developed with the teams and companies in the sector Motorsport. Applications Superbike worldwide.

Easy for the user to the first installation with the ability to configure the ONLY time cut-off in a range from 40 to 80 thousandths of a second with an accuracy of 1 millisecond.


  • More rapidly in the inclusion of higher gear than the traditional gear.
  • Optimization of shifting in any gear, and any condition of the accelerator.
  • Limitation of motion in the pitching change in acceleration.
  • Improvement in traction thanks to the lower load transfer in the gear change.
  • Possibility for the driver to maintain physical strength on the middle and psychological concentration on driving.
  • Limitation tire wear ... and the race is always good!