MV Agusta F4 / F3 Titanium Rear Brake Screw

Moto Corse


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MV Agusta Titanium Rear Brake Lever Screw By MOTOCORSE.

As with all Motocorse parts these are of the Highest Quality and come with the simple and unique drilled design and finish.

Motocorse rear brake lever screw is made of Titanium, constructed through the use of CNC machine and perfect substitute for the original one.

It allows a weight saving of approximately 30%.

The head of the screw is characterised by the Drilled Billet,

hallmark of Motocorse, obtained on the convex surface.


F4 750 F4 1000 S F4 1000 R F4 1000 R 312 F4 1078 RR 312 F4 "from 2010" 1000 S F4 "from 2010" 1000 R F4 "from 2010" 1000 RR F4 RC BRUTALE 750 BRUTALE 910 S Brutale 910 R Brutale 989 R Brutale 1078 RR BRUTALE 920 Brutale 990 R Brutale 1090 R Brutale 1090 RR BRUTALE RACING 1090 F3 675 F3 675 Series GOLD F3 675 RC F3 800 F3 800 in August F3 800 RC BRUTALE 675 BRUTALE 800 BRUTALE 800 RR BRUTALE 800 MY2016 BRUTALE DRAGSTER 800 BRUTALE DRAGSTER 800 RR BRUTALE DRAGSTER 800 RR LH44 RIVAL 800 ROAD 800 TOURISM FAST 800 TOURISM FAST 800 LUXURY